Alisha Goddard

Toad-Headed Agama

Type of Symmetry: Bilateral

Feeder/Eater: Herbivore

Physical Features: large rounded head across the snout, covered in scales,partially fringed toes, and browns and grays with darker with lighter markings

Interesting Facts: they curl up there tail when agitated and lay 1-6 eggs every year

Chinease Softshell Turtle

Type of Symmetry: Bilateral

Feeder/Eater: Predominantly Carnivorous

Physical Features: webbed feet for swimming, soft leathery shell on the outer part of shell, solid bone on the central part, and an olive color with dark blotches

Interesting Facts: they are known as popular pets in Italy and Czech Republic, and can lay 8 to 30 eggs 2 or 5 times a year

Chinese Softshell Turtle

Flying Gecko

Type of Symmetry: Bilateral

Feeder/Eater: insectivore

Physical Features: 6 to 8 inches tail to tip, skin flaps along sides, well camouflaged, and dark brown and green

Intetesting Fact: these can actually be a pet and they are tropical lizards