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It's Almost that Time!

Our Scholastic Book Fair is on the way! The theme this time is Story Laboratory: Reading Gives You Super Power.

Dates : February 8th - 19th

Click here to go to our book fair webpage.

All for Books : A Chain Reaction

We are going to do the All for Books differently this year. We are going to send home a slip of paper for the students to write their names on and attach their $1. Then, we are going to link the pieces together to make a chain. This will become a contest between the grade levels. The grade level that can make the longest chain will receive a prize! :)

** Reminder - All of this money is put right back into our fair to purchase books for our school. Scholastic, then, matches the money raised and donates it to the Kids in Need program.

Classroom Wish List

I want to push the Classroom Wish List this time. I know that many of you have made comments that parents don't buy books for your classroom like they used to. I'm going to put them on display a little better (I hope, lol) and if you'd like to come in and pick out books for your wish list, you are welcome too. If not, your pocket will have gift certificates in it.

Kindergarten Readiness Program

We are going to host a Kindergarten Readiness Program this year during the Book Fair. This will be for parents that will have Kindergarten students at our school next year. Students will recieve letters about this tomorrow.

Remember to send your parents that come to the Literacy Workshops!