Come to Virginia the beautiful!

The first English colony!

A Brief History

Our spectacular colony was first established via the Virginia Company as a trial to send people to the New World to look for valuable natural resources and ship it back to England. Although an abundance of precious minerals was not found, the colony quickly developed tobacco plants and became a major exporter of this plant. Virginia's ideal location allows for many ships to come and go and for expedited trade opportunities. Virginia also is the proud home of the world's first European-style legislature, known as the House of Burgesses. Our colony was originally settled by England in Jamestown.

Why Should You Move Here?

Chief Powhatan

Chief Powhatan is the leader of the natives here in Virginia. He is a great ally of the colonist; he vacated some of his own lands in order to allow room for us colonists! He has allowed colonists to have land of their own and grow crops such as tobacco to contribute to the economic prosperity of the colony. Chief Powhatan is a great leader of his people and ally to the English colonists

Bacon's Rebellion

Poor English colonists and slaves staged a rebellion against the governor in order to enforce harsher laws against the Amerindians to get more land. The rebellion was put down and the House of Burgesses passes laws for the regulation of slavery so that landless colonists and slaves would not empathize with each other again. This major event changed the structure of slavery and landowners in the Virginia colony, which became a later model for English colonies.