DEC. 21 (VOL. 2)


At this time of the year, it's nice to acknowledge those who touch lives and make a difference! EVERY SINGLE staff member at Solana Highlands makes this school a special place for our students. Each and everyone of you impact the lives of our students and their families in positive ways. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students.

Season's Greetings and Happy New Year!

  • Happy Birthday: Julie Paris (12/25), Judy Alpert (12/28), Lisa Salley (12/30), and Christine Murphy (12/31)
  • Engaged! - Kimberly Heppner
  • School Closed: 12/26-12/28 and 12/31 - Enjoy your vacations!


Thank you for helping parents, students, and each other get through this very difficult week. Thank you for all that you do to make Solana Highlands a safe and positive place for our students.

  • Parent Quote of the Week: "Thanks for all that you do to make our kids so smart and so sweet!! You are truly their 2nd parents and we appreciate you so much. May 2013 bring you good health, success, peace, happiness, and love."
  • Nancy Reitzler - For making the quilt to send to Sandy Hook Elementary
  • Ashlee Ponder - Who guest lectured a methods class at USD on effective class management strategies through classroom videos. What a gift to these student teachers.
  • Active Engagement and Simultaneous Involvement - It is so exciting to see students interacting with you, with each other, and so actively involved in all of the overt and covert active learning strategies!
  • Mario Borunda - For not only keeping our school looking fantastic, but also for finding ways to positively support students too!
  • School Site Council - Thank you Katy for sharing about Math Common Core, Kirsten for sharing about Tech. integration, Jen, Lisa, and Jackie discussing 2nd Steps and Marie for discussing grade level book purchases.
  • Ellen Leventhal and the Climate Team - For arranging such a wonderful Staff Holiday Party. Thank you for everyone who was able to join us at En Fuego!
  • Debbie Keller - For Being our Snack Fairy
  • Special Education Team - Erin Dyer, Director of Educational Services at Bridges Educational Corp., shared what a remarkable job our Special Ed. staff does with our students. I could not agree more!
  • Jessica Carlson and Lisa Sturt - for staying late to interview long-term substitute candidates for Ashlee Ponder's maternity leave.
  • Kathy Schmedding - for doing such a great job on our Weekly Bulletins and our on-line Weekly Communication
  • Technology Integration - 4th grade has flashcards that students can use to study for Social Studies and Science, Every math lesson is done on Educreation so that students and parents can access at home, and students are making exciting summaries using iMovie


In this article, "Choice Words" by Dr. Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey, discusses the importance of how we praise students. If done right, we can foster a growth mindset, motivation, and self-efficacy. Students who have a growth mindset believe their basic qualities can be continuously cultivated through effort and persistence