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How to Make the Best Kind of Ice Ball

We all know that ice is simply frozen water so it stands to reason that clear water produces clear ice. Many experiments have proven that ice which has been frozen from the bottom up, produces clearer ice. Combine this with the right temperature and you're well on your way to making the best kind of ice. Some have found that putting their freezers in fast-freeze mode helps as well.

Another important thing to remember when making ice balls is to use the older ones first. Don't stock them in your freezer for long periods of time. Use the ones you made first before using the newer ones. Also, never store your ice near food products like fish and other items that can leave your ice tasting and smelling funny. Unless you're into whiskey on the ‘rock’ with a hint of tuna!

Ice balls are perfect for drinks because they melt slowly and do not water them down. The best ice ball mold is the one made of 100% FDA approved, BPA free food grade silicone and is very easy to use. You just snap together the mold halves, pour filtered or distilled water up to the fill line and freeze. When frozen, remove the mold from the freezer and allow to rest for 5 - 7 minutes. This helps to prevent the ice balls from cracking. Gently peel off the mold to release the ice ball and then gently place the frozen orb into your drink.

You can also infuse your drinks with a little flavor by adding garnishes like lemon, lime, rosemary, mint and other ingredients to the ice molds when freezing the water. Not only would it enhance the flavor of your drink but would look super cool too.

Ice balls don't just work great with drinks. You can also use them to keep food cool in the cooler during long road trips and picnics at the park. Simply place ice balls you’ve stockpiled into your cooler around the food.

Ultimately the best kind of ice is the one that allows you to appreciate the full flavor of your drink without diluting it, keep your drink colder for longer, and looks great in the glass. The added bonus is that ice balls can be used in many other ways as mentioned above.