For Rent- A Beautiful Lodge.

Asking Price- $400.00/month

FOR RENT NOW FOR $400/month

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Beautiful !!!

As you can see this lodge is amazing it has a beautiful variety of space and the outside view is amazing. You won't want to lose your opportunity to not get this beautiful lodge. The climate is very humid because of all the rainfall, but don't worry bring clothes that are light. The temperature is the best part, on an average its abbot 77 degrees Fahrenheit. In a month they receive about 4 inches of rain, but don't worry it all go away. Lots of animals are here, that you've never seen before, so come and see them, just rent the lodge. You can do many things while you are there,BirdWatching, canoeing and more! I know that a lot of people are gonna call, and I want one of them to be YOU!!


This is a baby Chimpanzee. This is one of the animals of many that you can watch and see while your in your lodge. At night chimps construct nests of leaves and branches 18-29 feet high in a tree. This is a very cool adaption that Chimpanzees can do.

Wagler's Pit VIper

This is a type of snake. It is active by night, by day it generally lays coiled high in the trees.The term "pit viper" refers to heat-sensing "pits" which occur on each cheek - these are used to locate prey. As with other pit vipers, this species has poisonous to the blood system.

Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger is a beautiful animal. The base color is orange/brown, and white on the cheeks, mouth, eyebrows, and stomach.The Bengal tiger is very sneaky and quiet. The cubs look the same. The Bengal tiger can get up to ten feet long and three feet tall.

Costa Rica Lodges

This is a nice lodge that you can enjoy on your visit here in the Costa Rica Tropical Rainforest


This is a little bit about me. My name is Diana Aquino and I am living by rainforest in Costa Rica. I will always be in the Rainforest if you will need any help with anything. Please Rent the lodge. If i dont pick up my work number call me to my phone which is down below. :)