glance on a noteworthy Collection

Take a glance on a noteworthy Collection

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Take a glance on a noteworthy Collection

Fashion is not something that exists in attire only, it has to do with innovative revival ideas that you will find at It is the perfect destination for fashion vogues and those looking out for quick alterations. Here, Rubina Singh Kapoor, a fresh face in the fashion world, knocks with her fantastic collection.

She offers such accessories that perk up the definition of style for women. A small ensemble of creativity and endowment that began out of her home, in 2006 has now evolved to wide collection. With an MSc in Nutrition from Kings College, she wanted to beautify inner and outer beauty of women. Approaching all the colors of life, she kept her focus intact and originated incredible ensemble of fur scarves and shawls. Her keen interest in Fashion was never an obstacle in her obligations for family rather it boosted her to develop outstanding ensemble.

A piece of perception she offered in our Pashmina shawls portray the blend of eastern and western culture in the form of Indian Pashmina (a type of fine cashmere wool) and European Fox furs. This humorous blend of poles apart merged a pleasant collection of Fine Pashmina shawls with Fox furs. Her journey started from merely two to three exhibitions has now reached to fashion displays. is an exclusive Fashion stop for women where you can reach not only Pashmina shawls & scarves but also Lace shawls, Semi-Precious Jewellery and more electrifying products with just few clicks.