Mrs. Birkland's Kindergarten Class

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Take a look at our week: Oct 10-14


This week’s letters were Dd , Digging Dog and Cc, Kk, _ck, Kick the Can. Ask your child the sign for Dd and the Cc and Kk sound. With Dd we drew a picture of a dog following step by step directions. With the /k/ sound we did a sort of words that began with /k/ and words that did not. We also searched for our letters in poems. We read “Hey Diddle, Diddle” "When Cows Play Tag" and "K is for Kettle." Make sure to read these poems at home as they come home in your child’s daily folder. During this time we also worked on our kindergarten high frequency words. We reviewed them by reading the chart We Are.

Letters we have studied

Ss, Nn, Tt, Mm, Aa, Rr, Ii, Ff, Hh, Uu, Dd, Cc, Kk

Words We are learning to read

I, see, the, me, my, you, can, a, in, and, is, on, am, we, an

Don't Forget! October Goal

This quarter, we are learning a lot of sight words. Your child will really benefit fro you sitting down and practice reading the charts we bring home. How are they doing? Are they able to track the print from left to right,using their finger to point each word as they read. If they are having trouble, read it slowly with them. Check out this link for some fun ways to practice sight words with your child at home. Our October school goal for Kindergarten is for them to be able to read at least 15 of our Kindergarten words fluently. That means, by sight within 3 seconds. If they have to stop and think for a while, it is not fluent. We practice a lot here, but the more practice they get, the better!
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Reader's Workshop

This week we enjoyed many fun fall and pumpkin books. We read about the many colors of fall leaves and made these beautiful leaves for our windows. We also read a fun book called The Runaway Pumpkin and made our own!

The best part of this week and last was our chapter books we are reading together as a class. I read to them during short times of the day. Our first book we loved was called Genius the Amazing Guinea Pig. Ask your child to tell you a little bit abut Genius and his owner Judy. Today we started another book called Toys Go Out. In this book we have 3 fun characters-Lumpy, the buffalo, Sting Ray, and Plastic. Chapter 1 was about the toys finding them selves in a dark backpack. Ask them to tell you what happened in there and where they ended up going in the backpack. These books have limited pictures, maybe 1 every 4-5 pages. So, they close their eyes and they make a movie in their mind to see what is going on. We latch on to words from the author to help us see and feel what is going on. In these types of stories, we stop and talk a lot about what is going on to make sure we are understanding. It is my favorite time of day!

Wtiter's Workshop

This week many of us finished our ABC Books! We really enjoyed working through them, illustrating, and stretching out words. Make sure to check them out when they come home next week.

Captain Underpants Exhibit

Our school was lucky enough to get an exhibit in by author and illustrator Dave Pilkey. He is the author of MANY, MANY books with great characters like Dragon, Dogzilla, and of course, Captain Underpants. We got to listen to a book, draw pictures to Dave Pilkey, try drawing our own cartoon strips, and trying some of his step by step drawings. It was a fun experience. Oh, and did I mention we got to do it all in capes!?!
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We worked a lot on writing those numbers, the actual formation of them. Many of us can write our numbers from 0-10, but there are still a lot of backwards numbers. (That's okay. It is developmental. I don't count that wrong, but we do practice getting it the correct way!) You can practice at home, too. Here is a link to our kindergarten website with some songs we use to help us practice writing our numbers.
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Next week are our Parent Teacher Conferences! Here is the link with your scheduled time. Please make sure to arrive on time because they are back to back!

Picture Retake Day

If your child missed picture day or if you decide you want to retake your child's picture, mark your calendars for Wed, Nov. 16th! If you purchased pictures, and end up not liking the ones that will be coming home soon, then return them on that day for retakes.

Fun Farm Fieldtrip

On Tuesday, Oct 25th we will be traveling to Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch in Kearney. Our wonderful PTA is paying the cost of each child to be able to enter. Parents are welcome to attend and would need to pay the admission cost of 10.95 + tax. We plan to arrive there by 10:15 and have lunch there when done with our tour and fun. Please let me know if you plan to attend, just so I can have an idea of who to expect. Parents wanting to attend will just pay when they get there and will need to meet us there.

Book Character Day and Fall Party

On Friday, Oct. 28th, our school will celebrate book character day. Your child is allowed to dress up as a book character. It does not need to be anything fancy. In face, most costumes you are choosing for Halloween will be just fine because almost every character can be found in some book. The only thing we ask is that you try to send your child with a book that has their character (or similar character) in it. There are some other rules for this day which the office will be sending soon like no weapons, face paint, masks, or gore. We will have aa small parade of costumes before our party begins at 3:15, and if your child has a mask, they can bring it and put it on at that time. You are welcome to attend our Fall Party on that day from 3:15-3:45.

Our Snack & Share Friends next week are:





*Please remember that we are a peanut free classroom. Check out the peanut free snack list that was handed out at Meet the Teacher Night. If you have misplaced it, you can find it under Parent Resources on our Kindergarten Website.

Just a Few Reminders

  • It is getting chillier out there. Please make sure to put a jacket in your child's backpack incase it is a chilly day. Make sure to have their name on the tag, because things get lost easily.

Dates to Remember


17th-Parent Teacher Conferences

19th-Parent Teacher Conferences

20th-Early Release @2:10

21st-No School

25th-Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch Field trip

24th-28th-UNITED WAY week

28th-Book Character Day and Fall Party 3:15-3:45