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A Newsletter from Your Coach, September 28th

How are you engaging your students?

You are sure to see outstanding benefits and more authentic learning take place when you implement the kinds of tools and strategies shared below! Videos, printables, and more!

Book Alert- Coming Soon to Your Library!!!

"My wish," writes Berit Gordon, "is for there to be more joy and less struggle in a profession where people put in such tremendous effort and do such essential work." No matter what supports you might have in your school or district, you can take charge of your teacher growth and craft your own professional learning journey.

You can hear more about this book from the author in this podcast!

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If you're still wondering what I can do for you as an instructional coach, or what exactly my job is, check out the "Coaching Services" google form below. You can find this form on my Hudson page and submit it anytime you'd like to meet.

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