PSE New Teachers

October 2019

Looking Back

Last month our new teacher's meeting focus was the TKES standard, Communication. We opened our meeting and got to know each other better with an icebreaker (find a picture of animals on your camera roll, travel picture, someone you love, and you in MCS gear.

We reviewed the standard by:

  • looking at the fact sheet (which gives an in depth explanation of what the standard means/looks like)
  • viewed some ready made examples of communication like the parent communication log, the weekly papers sheet, and conference form
  • worked in partners to read a scenario about a parent/teacher and practiced what we would say to address the concern/comment
  • read an email from a concerned parent, discussed ideas for responding and practiced what our reply would be.
We finally closed with this launch:

You laugh, you cry, and you work harder than you ever thought you could. Some days you're trying to change the world and some days you're just trying to make it through the day. Your wallet is empty, your heart is full, and your mind will be packed with memories of kids who have changed your life. Just another day in the classroom.

Focus on Instructional Strategies

This month we will focus on TKES standard, Instructional Strategies.

Think about these questions as you reflect:

  • What is an example of a research based strategy you have used to successfully engage students?
  • In what ways do you use technology and resources to promote higher-order thinking?
  • How do you challenge special education and esol students to use higher-order thinking?
  • How have you created, modified, or used rubrics to communicate expectations?

Big picture

Instructional Strategies Fact Sheet

The teacher promotes student learning by using research-based instructional strategies relevant to the content to engage students in active learning and to facilitate the students’ acquisition of key knowledge and skills.

What does this mean exactly? Below you will find a fact sheet that explains the standard Instructional Strategies.

To Do

This month your "to do" is to video yourself during one content area (Zach, you will record one class period).

1. You will need to check out the Swivl camera and talk with one of the coaches if you need a tutorial how to use it.

2. Choose a day to video and make an appointment with your coach for 1-2 days (no more than 2 days) after to debrief.

3. Complete the video reflection sheet and bring it to your debrief session so you can discuss your video with your coach.

Due Dates:

  • Have your video shot by Oct. 16
  • Have your reflection completed by Oct. 18
  • Meet with your coach by Oct. 25

You are welcome to do these tasks before these due dates.

Big picture