MHS Media Minutes

January 2018

Collaborating & Caring (M-1)

Keep on keeping on...

As we close this semester and open a new one, we're celebrating our December and January collaborations. Thank you to Ms. Thomas, Ms. Hanson, Ms. De Jesus, Ms. Frasure, Mr. Bock, Mr. Simpson, Ms. Bugica, Ms. Ross, Ms. Hooper, Ms. Akelman, Ms. Carpenter, Ms. Agar, Ms. Bustle, Ms. Chapman, Ms. Holston, Mr. Stonestreet, Mr. Clark, Ms. Henley, Mr. Smith, Mr. Bustle, Ms. Fitzsimmons, Ms. Kunkle, Ms. Ward/Ms. Hesse, Ms. Velarde/Mr. Schroder, and Ms. Hall for bringing their students to the library and/or collaborating with us.

Contact Brawley & Stutts to schedule time in the Media Center. We're here to help you!

Math 2 Review Stations

Shout Out to Dewey for Naming the Stations

Setting & Achieving High Literacy Expectations (M-2)

Resolve to Read in 2018

As you're working on your health and fitness goals this year, consider listening to an audiobook, reading an eBook, viewing a magazine, learning a new language or taking an online course. If you want to save a little money, explore the digital titles that the Mooresville Public Library offers to all MGSD teachers. Even if you live outside of the district, you still have access to these FREE resources. All you need is a library card. Fill out this form if you want one.

All Students Can Access These Resources with Their Student ID#

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Join the Staff Book Club

Even if you are unable to attend the meetings, you are welcome to read the books below independently. We meet at Johnny Brusco's every other month to discuss our chosen book and eat dinner together. Email Erin if you want to participate in next month's read.
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Create an Email Signature

Let's build a culture of reading at our school. List what you're currently reading in your email signature and update when you start a new title. Suggest that your students do the same. For help in how to do this, please let Kristi know.

Encourage Your Students to Drop Everything & Read

Assign an Independent Reading Project

Give students the choice to pick out what they want to read and let them read during class. We'd love for your students to check out fiction or nonfiction titles from the Media Center or Public Library. Sign up for a 2nd semester slot now.

Contact Mrs. Brawley & Mrs. Stutts

Our mission is to provide personalized learning environments, offer equitable access to resources, and ensure a well-rounded education for every student.