The Coercive acts

A conversation with a British, and a colonist.

Conversation with a Colonist

Janice: this is breaking news! I will have 2 visitors today to talk about the coercive act.

Adam: Well, the coercive acts are ridiculous. They close our biggest port, then they stop our government from meeting!

Janice: Did everyone hear that?

Adam: Everyone. All the colonists hate this act, the only people who like it are the British!

King George III put four different acts upon our country, the Boston Port act, the Quartering, the Administration of Justice act, and he Massachusetts government act.

Janice: Thank you Adam, that will be all.

Conversations with a British soilder

Janice: Here is our second guest, who's name is Calvin

Calvin: Hello Janice

Janice: So tell me about the Coercive acts

Calvin: Well the Coercive acts are very beneficial too the British government, because we stop the Americas from Separating from our government.

We stopped them from using their biggest port, because they dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tea. How absurd is that!

Janice: So...Your government put theses acts upon the colonists because they were being bad?

Calvin: YES, Exactly! And no one seems to understand.

Janice: Thank you Calvin.

OK that's all, thank you for watching.