Team News!

Hope you're having a sweet month so far!

Hi team! I am so excited to reach out to you all just to say hello and to let you know what has been going on lately with Origami Owl. If you have been contemplating on bettering your O2 business to start making some real money - then now is the time! O2 has come out with some amazing incentives this year and I can only imagine how awesome it will be for ALL off us if we start using the proper tools to get our business in gear.

I am 5 weeks away from having my baby girl, but I will still be available via phone - whether by call or text, email, or social media to answer any questions you may have. Some of you are friends with me on Facebook, so feel free to message me there too. :) Please continue to read on to get important info about staying active and how you can earn extra cash.

Here are some photos you can use on social media or via text to let friends and family know about new jewelry releases.

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Did you know that you can earn extra cash from the Leads Pool Bonus just for staying active every quarter. This is aside from any commissions you are already receiving. :)

So, what do you have to do to get this extra dough?

  • Maintain $99 in PV every month
  • Achieve this and get more in commission by hosting 1-2 Jewelry Bars every month (the sky is the limit!)
  • Wear your locket everyday and share info about your business with at least 2 people.

There is a cruise incentive happening NOW, so check your backoffice for details. If you have questions about it, please reach out to me.

New Changes with O2 starting March 1st

Recently O2 sent out an email detailing some new changes that are coming in March. If you haven't read through the new changes, please do so as soon as possible. Get familiar with your new backoffice - it is quite user friendly! :)

There is also info in the backoffice along with photos and downloads detailing the new Hostess Exclusive for next month. It is beautiful! Schedule some jewelry bars and start making some money! ;)