Where's My Water?

Alyssa Carnes

Use and Conservation of Water in Texas

Where does the water in Texas come from? What is it used for? How can we work to conserve it? Because we all need water to live, it's important to know about the water we use and work to conserve it.


To collect some data I created a short survey and sent it out to many people. Feel free to take it yourself to see how much you know!

Link to survey below


This was all the data that I collected from the people I sent my survey to.

Link to data below

I'm Impressed

This was the pamphlet for those that took my survey and did well. They knew quite a bit about the water they used and how to conserve it.

Link to pamphlet below

Need Help

This pamphlet was for those who didn't know much about the very water they use everyday!

Link to pamphlet below

Extra Conservation Tips

Fruit Idea

The next time you want some fruit wash it in a bowl of water then use that water to water your houseplants. It's a great way to conserve water and have a healthy snack!!

Pet Wash

Have a pet? If you own a pet, then you probably bathe it. It's smart to wash your pet on your lawn so your grass also gets a good watering. It doesn't matter what kind of pet you have!