Peek of the Week 2/1/2016

Everyone needs a counselor in their life!

Principal Message

Team: Great job on Awards Ceremony. It is very evident you were organized and ready to go. Thank you to those who worked with students on audience manner and accepting an award etiquette. It was very evident. We have completed first round of benchmark in 3rd and 4th and we will be analyzing our data to help us plan our instruction and work smarter. Thank you for all your hard work! February is busy month and this week we celebrate 100 days of school; if you created a shirt to celebrate, wear it with professional jeans.

Keep you a copy of the calendar sent out to parents and note the changes to the Focus Calendar.

Happy Counselor's Week: let Marla know how much we appreciate all her hard work!

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Parent Conferences and PD

Teachers: this is the month we meet with our parents to provide midyear status of their children's progress. February 15th will be consist of PD and parent conferences. More information will be provided at faculty meeting this Tuesday.

Fundamental Five- Refresh 101

Team: great job with your written student friendly objectives. Here is a review of the F5 to help them fresh on your mind:

F1: student friendly objectives clearly posted ( I will, we will)

F2: Power Zone: to assess student learning not just on task behaviors.

F3: Purposeful Talk; are your students talking about essential questions you are asking?

F4: Positive Reinforcement; be specific in the reinforcement as it relates to goals

F5: Critical writing is still difficult to fit in, but it does not have to be as formal as we think

Parent Logs

Turn in your 2nd nine weeks parent logs to Mrs. Davis for Title I documentation. Thank you.



DRA in Eduphoria

ALL DRA data will need to be inputted in Eduphoria by this Friday, February 5th. Also, Mrs. Wenckens will be collected some information from all K-2nd. Our kids are making great progress with reading goals!!!


Kuddos to our Roadrunners this Saturday who participated and those who placed! Thank you to the coaches, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Vega, who stayed after school to help get our students ready for the event. They made us proud!

CPOC #2 Midyear

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 3:30pm


We will need to meet with our CPOC on this day and time. Please let me know if you cannot make it.
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Mentor checkpoint

If you have not visited with your mentor at least 3 times already, you are falling off the wagon. Remember that you can coordinate the time with the homeroom teacher. It can be brief (3-5 minutes) and it can happen during conference of you prefer the confidentiality. Thank you for making no excuses to support these kiddos!

Kuddos to the bathroom elf who puts weekly messages...

I love the troubles tree analogy. I want to put a tree right outside the school as well so that before you enter, you hang your troubles. Thank you for being here for kids!