What Happens in a Civil Case?

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What is Civil Law?

In order to understand what happens in a civil case you must first know what is civil law. Civil law deal with non-criminal law.

Civil Law Case Scenario

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A defendant is summoned to appear before a jury for having too many unpaid parking tickets. The plaintiff in this case would be the City of Wilmington as they are the ones introducing the case to the court. The City of Wilmington has introduced a complaint against the defendant for excessive fines and has preponderance of evidence. Before the trial our experienced attorney will meet with other parties in a pretrial conference ready and prepared to fight your case with a pleading in hand. During the trial the defendant along with one of our attorneys has the option to appeal guilty or innocent. Of course the judge gets to say the final verdict when both parties have presented. A mediator or arbitrator may be used to settle a dispute between the parties. In a case like this the prosecutors may ask that the defendant follow the city laws and pay his or her fines on a timely manner so mediation or arbitration may not be necessary.