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  • Bamako, the nation's capital and largest city, is a major regional trading center on the Niger River. Mali gained independence from France on 22 September 1960.
  • Because people are obligated to help extended family members, the average wage earner cares for 10 people. In the Bambara language, the word Mali means “hippopotamus,” which is considered the most powerful animal.

  • Staple Foods



    -fonio (a west African cereal)

    Country and Development Data

    Capital: Bamako
    Current Time: 6:42 PM
    Latitude: 12.39
    Longitude: -8.00
    Population: 15,968,882 (rank=66)
    Area (sq. mi.): 478,841 (rank=25)
    Area (sq. km.): 1,240,192
    Human Development Index:182 of 187 countries
    Gender Inequality Index: 141 of 148 countries
    GDP (PPP) per capita:$1,100
    Adult Literacy: 36% (male); 20% (female)
    Infant Mortality: 106.49 per 1,000 births
    Life Expectancy: 50 (male); 52 (female)
    Currency: CFA franc

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    This statistic is relevant because it shows that the U.S. overall eats more unhealthy food than Mali and that they over eat or eat bigger portions. This shows that the U.S. has more than enough food and does not struggle with food shortages. With Mali, it shows that the food is more healthy because most people eat food that was grown on the farms rather than U.S., where most people eat prepackaged food and fast food.

    The Quality of Life

    Mali has a poor quality of life.

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