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The Official Newsletter of OC Athletics - Spring 23

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From The Desk of The Athletic Director

Dear OC Families,

I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and well as we look forward to the Spring athletic season!

We are excited to share the following information in the latest installment of our "Cougar Chronical" Athletic Department newsletter, which highlights the following:

  • Sportsmanship
  • OCHS Athletic Handbook
  • Coach contact information
  • Game schedules
  • Tournament alignments
  • Power ranking information
  • Tournament formats
  • Coaches Communication
  • MIAA Student Ambassador Program

Please read through this newsletter carefully, as the information is essential for a successful season!


Matthew J. Trahan, CAA

Director of Athletics

Old Colony High School

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Team Meeting

There will be an informational sign-up meeting for all spring student-athletes on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, during "Cougar Time" in the gym. All student-athletes should attend this meeting.
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Participation in athletics is a privilege and is not to be taken lightly. Our program is not recreational, and we strive to provide your son/daughter with a quality experience through athletics.

Athletes are expected to attend every practice and contest unless excused by their coach. If an athlete is in school attendance, he or she is expected at practice. There are no unexcused absences from practices or games. Excused absences are permitted for extra help (lateness only), death in the family, family illness, family emergencies, medical reasons, and religious observances. Timely communication between the coach, parent, and/or athlete in this situation is essential.

As discussed in the philosophy portion of this handbook, membership on a junior varsity or varsity team requires a considerable time commitment. The school district is responsible for monitoring the wellness and safety of each of our student-athletes. Any anticipated conflicts about school commitment and program expectations must be brought to the attention of the coaching staff before tryouts.

An athlete’s first commitment must be to the school program. Coaches are not expected to excuse athletes from school practices and/or contests/ other commitments.

Family Vacations

When parents and student-athletes choose to take their family vacation during a sports season, it must be understood that the time missed by the student-athlete can affect team chemistry, personal conditioning, the performance level of the individual, and the overall success of the team. Every individual on the team has a role, not just in the game, but in the practice climate as well, regardless of how much playing time the athlete is experiencing. Commitment during the vacation periods involves self-sacrifice, not only on the part of the coach and athlete but the family as well. Attendance is mandatory during vacation periods. The modified program will not schedule as many practices as the high school level. Contact the coach before the season to fulfill team commitments and expectations.

(Repeated unexcused absences will be removed from athletic teams.)





• Accept all decisions of contest officials.

• Applause during player, coach, or official introductions.

• Cheerleaders leading fans in positive cheers.

• Handshakes between participants and coaches at the end of the contest regardless of the outcome.

• Everyone showing concern for an injured player, regardless of team.

• Encourage surrounding people to display only sportsmanlike conduct.

• During the National Anthem, students, participants, and fans should stand, remove hats, face the flag, not talk, and remain still until the end of the anthem.

• Thanking coaches for their time and help.

• Helping up a teammate or opposing players who have fallen or been hurt.

• Thanking officials for their effort and work.


• Yelling or chanting at opponents.

• Making disrespectful or derogatory yells, chants, songs or gestures.

• Booing or heckling officials or opponents.

• Refusing to shake hands or to recognize a good performance.

• Blaming losses on contest officials, coaches, or participants.

• Using profanity or displays of anger that draw attention away from the contest.

• Taunting or name-calling to distract an opponent.

• Hand-held signs containing derogatory language.

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Patrons and fans attending Old Colony lacrosse, baseball, and softball games, as well as other contests in the stadium, will not be permitted to stand inside the restraining ropes, behind or near the team areas. At no time should patrons or fans interact with team members or coaches. All patrons will be required to enter the stadium and be seated in the stands.
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With the exception of service animals, dogs are not allowed on school district grounds or sports fields at any time throughout the calendar year. The presence of pets is simply not appropriate at any time. The health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches, and fans is paramount!
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Please be advised that at no time should vehicles be driven down to the athletic complex. If the access gate is open it is for good reason. We take player and fan safety very seriously. In the event, a player, patron, or fan is in need of a ride due to injury, illness or disability, please contact the Old Colony athletic department in advance and a ride will be provided


COACH COMMUNICATION (Information, Practice Schedules, Changes, etc)

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Each coach has created their own mode of communication with student-athletes (and families) within their respective program(s). Some of these communication methods include, but not limited to; email, Google Classroom, RemindHQ app, Twitter, SportsYou etc.

As of this publishing, if you are unaware of how your son/daughter's respective coach plans to communicate, please contact them using the email address provided below.

Old Colony Athletics Spring Coaches


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The MIAA Student Ambassador program is a fantastic opportunity to assume leadership roles in your schools, programs and the greater MIAA athletic community.

Please click on the link below for a full program overview...

If you are interested in seeking additional information and/or consideration to be a Student Ambassador candidate at OC, please contact Athletic Director Matthew Trahan ( by Friday, May 20th.

Final Thought

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