Against Cyber-bullying together

By Andrew Wang


As Americans, we value our First Amendment and the freedom of speech given by it which many countries do not have. With freedoms, comes great responsibility and good decisions. We, as a society, should behave ourselves in public facilities like school and online, We must respect everyone's beliefs and ideas no matter what our own opinion is. Even with all the haters and trollers in this world, we shouldn't use them as a role model or follow them as they are "cool"; we must follow our own moral values and do what is right. Bullying shouldn't exist; kindness and love should.


I, (Name), pledge that I will behave properly and respect others online. Online usage is a privilege not a right. I must be fully aware of others and know that my words can never be taken back and are meaningful. I will following the 3 basic guidelines of showing respect, being kind, and helping others. I, (Name), will do everything in my power to prevent cyber-bullying from starting.