Many Causes of Habitat Destruction

Autumn Logston

Habitat destruction is one of the main threats to species around the globe. Humans are the main cause of habitat loss, and so humans can make a move to help the Earth.
Prime examples of habitat destruction would be:

  • Pollution - from factories and illegal dumping of hazardous materials and garbage.
  • Tourism - People come in contact with delicate habitats and harm or destroy them.
  • Deforestation - Cutting down the trees for forests/wood products or expansion of agricultural land
  • Poaching - the hunting of exotic or natural animals illegally

Examples of ways people could help minimize or end habitat destruction are:

  • Proper disposal of chemicals and trash.
  • Planting or gardening more often.
  • Buying pre-made houses versus building your own.
  • Being careful with nature.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • Make sure the animals you hunt are legal and not an endangered or protected species, and that you have the correct permits and licensing to hunt in your area.