Genius Hour Project Summary:Fitness

Ahead I attempt to give an overview of my project's process

Why I decided to explore this topic for my Genius Hour Project

For children, while declining test scores and lacking performance in school are a severe problem on the rise, health and physical activity are of equal importance I feel. While classroom issues as I spoke about earlier are hugely problematic and troubling, lost of one's health may have more detrimental implications in the long run. Also, in fostering this change of the aforementioned items to spur change in this one may be one of the ones with the deepest ripple effects.

Personal Implications

My health practices as a kid were awful. I would drink upwards of 4 or 5 cans of soft drinks a day (when parents were not around or not looking of course), and exercise for me was shifting or moving from my couch to the television or refrigerator. In later years fitness became more of a priority and I feel I am leading a better quality life

Touted Research Findings