Traveling to the Nile

By Destiny Drauschke

Cairo, Egypt

The Nile flows through a lot of different types of areas and places. One place the Nile flows through the center of a city in Egypt. This city is called Cairo. In the evenings, people here stroll along the Nile or sit at cafes overlooking the Nile. Like the rest of Egypt, Cairo gets most of it's warm water from the Nile. Cairo, Egypt, is a beautiful feature that the Nile flows through.

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As Sudd

The next feature along the Nile that you should know about is As Sudd. As Sudd is a huge swamp that the White Nile passes through. At As Sudd, the White Nile spreads out into many small channels. These channels are clogged with vegetation. One of the first times As Sudd as discovered was in the first century CE when a Roman expedition was sent out to find the source of the Nile and ended up getting lost here, in As Sudd. The White Nile passes through As Sudd as it crosses through the plains of Sudan. The As Sudd is a great feature of the Nile River.

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Lake Tana

An important feature of the Nile River is Lake Tana. This is important because it is the source of the Blue Nile. The Nile separates into two rivers, the White Nile and the Blue Nile, and at the end of the Blue Nile is a bright blue lake called Lake Tana. It is located in the lush, forested hills of Ethiopia. Lake Tana is a very important feature of the Blue Nile.

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The Nile River Has Many Great Features

But Those Are Not Even All The Features, There is More!

Lake Victoria

Another important source is Lake Victoria. It is the source of the White Nile. Lake Victoria is a large, shallow lake, located in Uganda.

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Aswan High Dam

Another Feature of the Nile is the Aswan High Dam. It goes across the Nile in an area located in Egypt. Lake Nasser straddles between the borders of Sudan and Egypt and is actually a reservoir, one of the largest in the world, and was formed by the construction of Aswan High Dam, in Egypt. One reason the dam was built was to protect the Nile's hydroelectric potential. The other reason was to control the river's flow. The Aswan High Dam was constructed between 1960 and 1970. Thanks to the reservoir storage the the Aswan dams provide, the floods in this area of the Nile have lessened!

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