VCR 10 Presentation

Meredith McNairy

While new United States citizens are not legally obligated to renounce citizenship in their native countries, they ideally become _________ in order to become a fully devoted American.

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n. A person who forsakes his or her own principles, religion, or allegiances.

Alternate forms:

apostasy, n.; apostate, adj.; apostatize, v.


APO <G. "away from," HISTANAI <G. "to stand"


renegade, defector, deserter, recreant


loyalist, faithful

Select the letter of the sentence in which apostate is used incorrectly.

a) Although it put the rest of my family to sleep, Disney's The American Adventure in Epcot moved me to tears and made me proud to be an apostate.

b) By choosing to marry a devout young Jewish man, the girl had no choice but to become an apostate and convert to Judaism.

c) Survivor often forces its contestants into apostasy against one another, setting them up with opportunities to abandon alliances for rewards.

d) The devious little boy was a shark and an apostate when it came to board game nights with his family, making them think they could trust him before he bought up all of their property in Monopoly.