Week 4 Announcements


We are completing the Social & Consumer Health unit this week. Are you caught up in the course?

Due this week: SC L2 and L3

Grades updated! (Comps are worth a LOT!)

I have updated grades for everything that is currently due. Competencies are worth 60% of the grade in the course, so if you haven't taken or didn't do well on the first Comp, your grade will show it! If you took the comp, remember to check the feedback from me. If you haven't, then gitty up!

Course Migration is completed!

The course migration for all lessons and assignments is done. At this time, you are free to move as quickly as you choose through the course. If you come across any links or pages that are not working correctly, please notify me. Thanks!

Contact Ms. A with Questions

In the summer, texting will get the fastest response.

Text #: ​​631-494-2462