All About Me

By: Jordawn Leer


My hobbies include of softball, baseball, drawing, sleeping, eating, and reading.

Family Info

I live with my biological mother and sister, I don't talk to my biological father but I have two half siblings. I also have two best friends but they are like my brother and sister from another mother. I have a nana and papa but i also have a older brother.

What activities did you do over winter break? Athletics are you involved in?

I play softball for the school, and during winter break I did my work out for my comp team, watched movies, and chilled with my family and friends.

What did you do over winter break?

I went to batting lessons, catching lessons, party, work out, sleep, eat.

How did you spend Christmas Eve?

I went to my nana and papa's and cooked dinner then opened presents and stayed the night.

How did you spend Christmas Day?

woke up and open presents from santa and went home and had a party for me and my friends.

What was your favorite Christmas Gift?

I don't have a favorite Christmas gift, I have a couple but not just one. 1. A promise ring 2. Letter man's jacket 3. Panda onesie

What you would like to do when you grow up?

I either want to be a P.E. teacher or Cosmetologist.

What vacations did you go on?

I didn't go on any vacations.

Other fun facts about you.

I have a all white pitbull named misty and then my brothers dogs are shoei and freddy. They are my dogs too