Holmquist Elementary

February 15th - February 20th

Kimberly's Message

Welcome to Week 24! I hope you all had a great week! I am pleased by the growth that I am seeing in classrooms with student behaviors and instruction. Please continue to build relationships with your students. Relationships with your students is a major component in the academic and behavioral success of your students. Even though you may have some challenges, every child is teachable and we can't afford to give up on one. Enjoy your weekend and I will see you all Monday.

Shout Outs

  • Ms. Lowe and Ms. Martinez gave favorable feedback to the teachers in grades PK, K and 1. They were amazed by the differentiated workstations and students were able to explain what they were doing. They were equally impressed with posted anchor charts in classrooms. A special thank you to Ms. Arestein, Ms. Cavazos, and Ms. Purdy.
  • Ms. Jones for covering classes this week.
  • Ms. Sandoval for covering classes and always writing positive notes about students.
  • Ms. Phillips for celebrating students when they do well
  • Dr. Reyna was recognized at the district office on Monday for being nominated as HAABE TOY for Alief.
  • Ms. Dennison was excited that the Chairman of IStation liked her Tweet.
  • Ms. Nyan and Ms. Amador for an awesome Black History Week
  • A special shout out to Ms. Purdy, Ms. Siddiqui, Ms. Moreno and Ms. Cavazos for attending the Spelling Bee to support our Spelling Bee winner Trichelle. She came in second place!
  • Ms. Kucharski is in 1st place for her grade level AR challenge
  • Ms. Johnson is in 1st place for her grade level AR challenge
  • Ms. Cheng facilitated her first ABC committee
  • Coach Foster and Coach Sallee for working on the Field Day shirts and activities for Field Day
  • All Saturday Writing Camp Tutorials teachers
  • Mr. Gonzalez for ordering Promeathean Boards for all upstairs teachers. Downstairs teachers and portables, you guys will be next
  • Welcome Back Amy. We missed you
  • Ms. Hill for covering as registrar and receptionist today.
  • Kelli for starting our Biggest Losers Club.

Weekly Calendar

Saturday, February 13th

Happy Birthday Ms. DeSauto

Building Open and Writing Tutorials

Sunday, February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, February 15th

Staff Development Day and President's Day

7:45 - 3:30

Tuesday, February 16th

EDC 107

Hummingbird Store Open - See Schedule

Principal Talks - 9:30

Fame Meeting - 3:40

Wednesday, February 17th

EDC 108

Wear Red with Jeans

Hummingbird Store - See Schedule

Tech Committee - 3:50

Digital Learning Day

Thursday, February 18th

EDC 109

Happy Birthday Ms. Amador


Progress Reports Go Home

Principal Meeting

ART Meeting - 4:00 p.m.

Jeans Day for Staff - Staff Survey Reward

Health Fair - you may wear warm-ups, jogging pants, yoga pants with long shirt, NO SHORTS

Friday, February 19th

EDC 110

Kimberly at REEP

Kids Smile Field Trip

Attendance Reward for students

Saturday, February 20th

Writing Camp

ON Time Club- Pick up your Jeans pass by Monday from Ms. Toney. Jeans Pass for Tuesday, February 16th. The pass must be worn if you are wearing jeans.

Dennison, Martinez, Alvarez, Curry, Youssef, Reyna, Harris, Hite, Tracy, Chowdhurry, Glover, Galeano, Day, Shirkey, Amador, Legra, Pitrucha, Roquemore, M. Stewart, Kucharski, S. Sanchez, Ghani, Ortiz, Johnson, Tadesse, Bourda, Jackson, Esparza, Alvarado, Revenaugh, Waak, Cheng, Deal, Foster, Ponder, Vallarta, Arenstein, Moreno, Cavazos, Sandoval, Argueta, Moran,

Building Positive Relationships

Lead Your Students/ Lead Your Colleagues

  • Model the behavior you want - by your actions and words
  • Connect with the people - take an interest in their likes and dislikes
  • Involve them in your decision - make decisions together

Easy-Going Kids Need Love and Logic Too

The great thing about strong-willed, stubborn kids is that they give us quick feedback on our parenting prowess…or lack of it! Yep! As soon as our skills begin to slip, things get ugly.

Easy-going kids are another story. Unfortunately, they let us get away with far too many threats, lectures, reminders, warnings, unenforceable limits, etc. Because they're so sweet, it often takes far too long to realize when our parental behavior heads south.

Easy-going kids need Love and Logic, too. They need to make plenty of choices within limits. They need to make plenty of small mistakes. They need to own and solve their problems. They need to experience our empathy as they cope with consequences. They need all of these things…and much, much more…so that they have what it takes to survive in today's complex, oftentimes dangerous world.

The greatest danger for easy-going kids is that they won’t make enough mistakes when they are young...and the consequences of such mistakes are still small. We lose far too many sweet kids because their parents were tricked into using poor skills because of their sweet behavior.

Upcoming Events

Monday, February 22nd - Staff Meeting - All Staff- Do not make appointments on this day

Friday, February 26th - Writing Samples due

Friday, February 26th - Go Texan Day - Wear Western Attire

Tuesday, March 1st - Numeracy Professional Development by Ms. HIte

Field Day March 10 and March 11 - Details will follow soon