My Trip to Tokyo Japan

By: Alexandria Kawamura-Huff

Airfare Cost and Schedule

HI my name is Alex and i'm traveling from Denver Colorado to Tokyo Japan. I leave from Denver international airport at 7:05am and a layover at Las Angeles airport then I am heading out to Tokyo Japan from there. I arrive in Tokyo at 4:00pm my flight to get from Denver to Tokyo was almost 18 hours long the flight from Denver to Tokyo taking one more person plus me coast about $2386.

I stay in Tokyo from April 22 to may 22. I leave Tokyo at 3:55pm and take a layover from Las Angeles airport to Denver international airport and I get there at 3:25pm.


I'm now in Tokyo, Japan staying in a five star hotel called Mandarin Orietal for adout 21 days. The hotel is only $678 per night for 2 people in one room the guest rooms are real nice and the bathrooms wow!..., they also have an indoor pool, another thing they have is a dinning area were you can order and eat food, they also have a fittness area were you can get fit and slim down, theres also a spa room were you can relax and get all that stress out of your system, the hotel has great room servies and the beds make me want to sleep for days. but what I really want to do is see the sights.


well am in Tokyo i will be visting and doing alot of fun and awsome stuff like going to go see the pandas mabey they mite even have the red pandas.i will also hope that when i get my hotel room i mite also have the talking tolets now it mite sound wierd but that does get peoples eyes and ears. the last thing i will be seeing is a movie about godzilla yes godzilla thats were they did most of the godzilla movies. I am also going to go to some restraunts to eat at.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

1 of my problem is not being able to speak japiness and that would mean i wouldn't to be able to order food but theres always a solosion to a problem like i could lean japiness, another problem is the culture you mite do one thing in the u.s but here things could be differnt like clothing or how you eat or food.


My conclusion is that the place I went to was a little hard to plan but it was mostly easy. I also had tunes of fun doing the activities but to say it was a little hard to plan. The place were i was going to stay was easy to plan especially when I went at the website that help me boke it. the flight was a tinny bite hard because you have to fined the fastest rout there but its no problem. The hardest part thow was the trying to learn how to speak there language it hard put fun. So if your looking for a place to go for summer break i would choose Tokyo, Japan.