Internet Safety

Know your way around the internet.

Being Safe online- Messaging

Do you ever swear online? Tease or mess around with your friends? It's not a great thing to do. Here's just a little bit of those effects that could happen.

  • anger
  • sadness
  • feeling hurt
  • embarrassed
  • afraid
The effects of Cyber Bullying

Do you really NEED social media?

There's only a few benefits to having social media. Kids of a younger age don't necessarily need it. These days, almost all of us have phones. Just call your friends, check with your parents first. Sometimes they need to know.

Cyberbullying in general

Stats from cyberbullying

  • 71.9% reported being cyberbullied once or twice in the school year
  • 19.6% reported once or twice a month
  • 5.3% reported once or twice a week
  • 3.1% reported almost everyday

This isn't just some fading thing. It's ever more present in schools then ever.

Invisible - Original Song about Cyberbullying
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Note of Closure

Now go, out into the world. But be a real person. Don't go making some fake account to hurt someone. If someone hurts you, turn the other cheek. Be a buddy, not a bully. Don't hurt someone because you think it's "funny". Your so called joke may lead to horrible things.