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Share YOUR Favs! - You DID!!!

Thanks to Amy K, Amy Z and Shannon B. Check out the Animoto video to see what they recommended for our students. The books are on display in the media center, so show your students if you think they'd be interested! To watch it (its really short!) click this link or visit the media center blog

It's not too late - if you've always wanted to be famous, you could send me a brief summary or review of your favorite book and I'll make another Animoto featuring YOU!

Kindles are here and popular!

Our media center has Kindles for check out. We have 5 older white ones that cannot be locked or blocked (we cannot restrict the use of the Internet), so those are for STAFF checkout only. If you want to read an ebook or allow your students to read an ebook in class, you can come get them. These are the Kindles with the most ebooks. We have gray Kindles with a decent number of ebooks that can be locked and blocked - so kids won't be surfing the web in your class. We do have some Kindle Fires which they all love because they have a touch screen and are in color, but since they are pretty new, we have a very small amount of books on them. If you have suggestions for ebooks you'd like to see on our Kindles, stop by or drop me an email and we'll put in our list!

ELM Resources...

Here's a peek at what one of the databases from ELM (the Electronic Library of Minnesota) looks like. Our students will be using professional journals and databases in college. If we're going to prepare them for that, they should probably use what WE'VE got now! They are relectant to use databases, because they are unfamiliar and prefer Google and Wikipedia, but together we can teach them how to access and use the databases which are filled with wonderful trustworthy information. Ask me how I can help the next time your students need to research something!
Thanks to the SAMS teachers who have participated on the media center blog for the conversation about A Long Walk to Water. For those of you who are interested, but unsure, know that I would love to come up and show you and your students how to do it! You could also ask Amber, Michelle, Sarah or Lisa and they'll tell you how easy it truly is! Look for another conversation blog in the next week or so about the new book we're reading together.

Still shopping for presents? Listen to find some good suggestions...

I heard librarian Nancy Pearl on NPR on my morning drive to work back in Nov. She offered some great suggestions about books for everyone on your list. Here's the link to listen to what she offers:

Please remind your students to look for and return overdue books. (You could do this every day and we wouldn't mind)

Talk with us! Ask us! We want to help!

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