Ancient India

By: Grace Romine

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Where is ancient India located?

Ancient India is located by the Aribian Sea and the Indian Ocean. It is also located by the Bay of Bengal, which is next to the Indian Ocean. China is above ancient India. Ancient India is on a peninsula. A peninsula is land with three sides of water around it. India is right on the equator, making the land hot and dry. The equator makes farming more difficult than in wetlands so the Ganges and Indus rivers that make farming easier. India is a subcontinent. A subcontinent is when mountains or hills separate a different land from another.

Why did they settle here?

The ancient Indians settled in India because of the natural resources like rivers, mountains, and monsoons. One of the mountains is Mt. Everest. Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world and offers a fair amount of protection against enemies that come to India. Another mountain is the Himalayan Mountains. There is also the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. Some of the rivers in ancient India are the Ganges river and the Indus river. Rivers offered food and water for the ancient Indians. The winter and summer monsoons offer different temperatures in different places in ancient India.

What geographical features are present?

The geographical features that are present are that India is a peninsula. China is above. It is on the equator so the weather can be really warm. Luckily the monsoons bring nice weather. The summer monsoons bring cool, wet air. The winter monsoons bring warm, dry air. When the monsoons didn't come to ancient India there were horrible droughts. These droughts made it hard to farm. If it was hard to farm then it was hard for the people and animals to live. If the farmers died and no one else knew how to farm then most people would starve. There are also a lot of mountains. some of the mountains are the Himalayan Mountains. Another mountain that a lot of people know about is Mt. Everest. Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world.

How did humans impact the land?

The ancient Indian humans impacted the land by using the mountains and rivers. The mountains were used for concealment if any attackers came around ancient India. A famous mountain in ancient India is Mt. Everest. Mt. Everest would be perfect for concealment around unfamiliar people or animals. They used the rivers to collect water for farming. They also used the rivers to gather fish. A river in ancient India is the Ganges river. The Ganges is good for farming and food.

What natural resources are present?

The natural resources that are present are monsoons, mountains, and rivers. The monsoons bring nice weather to ancient India. Winter monsoons bring the warm, dry air whereas the summer monsoons bring cold, wet air. The mountains give people a lot of concealment from attackers that could come to ancient India. The rivers in ancient India give the ancient Indians food and water. The food would be fish that live in the lake. The water would be used for farming in ancient India.


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