magnetic orgainizer c:

price : $29.72 to diy

buy it or make it ether way own it c:

this simple invention can save you space and time. this is a magnetic organizer its basically a magnetic white board in a frame with pretty paper of your choice and things that you attached little magnets on the back of so that they stay in place.

creative mind \(^.^)/

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wait! but its not just for makeup!!!

I'm realizing that most these organizer images have only make up on them but that isn't all there's plenty of other things that you can put on the organizer of your choice. explore different ideas and have fun with your creativity! c:

if you dont get this your clearly just not awesome

unicorn central <3

come on be a unicorn and buy or make this! it will be worth it c: **inserts rainbow here**

~if i had a taco for every time i wish i had a taco id have twice as many tacos c: <3~