My Mechanism

a cat wanting food


In this case, the stimuli would be the cat getting hungry as its food resources are used up. The stimuli is the change that sets off the reaction, and in this case, the cat gets hungry, thus stimulating a reaction.


The receptor in this case is also the cat. Here, the cat is realizing that it is very hungry. The receptor is what senses the change.

Control Center

The control center is the cat's meowing. The control center compares the change with the norm, and in this case, the control center tells the cat to begin making noise in order to get more food.


The effectors are what stay the same as the stimulus until the action is complete. The cat's meowing and hunger stay unsatisfied until the effectors (the humans hearing the meowing and giving the cat food) do their job.


Balance is reached as the is fed and can consume its food.

What kind of feedback?

While this could be an example of positive or negative feedback, I chose to look at it in a positive feedback way. It is positive because the cat's meowing stops when its hunger is satisfied, thus ending the reaction and ending in balance.