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Learners engaging in literature circles and exploring how landforms are the result of constructive and destructive forces.

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C4 has been learning about measurement!

Learners had the opportunity to explore capacity using rice to compare the capacities of different containers. They also had the opportunity to examine a picnic table and discuss what we will need in order to build the tables. Learners were asked to brainstorm about this project and came up with committees that would help get the project going. They discussed building safety, tools, materials, what to wear for building, and and how to get volunteers to help us build. We also practiced converting between units of measurement by measuring their classmates.


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C4 will begin building 10 picnic tables this week at PRS. We need volunteers Wednesday/Thursday/Friday from 12:45 - 2:30PM to help us construct the picnic tables. Items needed: drills, extension cords, gloves, and excited volunteers. All supplies were donated thanks to a local company. Learners had the opportunity to explored a picnic table and discussed what was needed in order to build the 10 tables. They measured the table from top to bottom and are ready to put their knowledge to the test. Please email me if you will be able to help us this week. My email is


  • 6:45 a.m. – Called Board Meeting in the conference room
  • 8:30-10:30 - POP C4


  • 9:30 Susan Hoitt from the Mobile Singing Children’s Choir performing for 4-8
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Donated items can be delivered to Coach Klinger in the Gym! - Thanks so much!!!!! Basketballs, Soccer Balls, Footballs, Volleyballs, Kickballs, Yoga Mats, Wiffle Golf Balls, 14 foot jump ropes, Ping Pong Balls, Bean Bags, Hula Hoops, and Stacking Cups

*Don't forget to always wear appropriate footwear to Health and Wellness!

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Learning takes place at PRS every moment of the day. We understand there are circumstances that necessitate early check-out. If you are going to check out your child, please do so no later than 2:25 to prevent congestion and interruptions to our daily dismissal process. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

Math/Literacy/PE Schedule for January

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The City of Montgomery, Montgomery Multisport and Publix are partnering to bring

the Publix Mayor’s Marathon Challenge to the Montgomery Marathon on March

12th at Riverwalk Stadium. Each student who wants to participate will run a cumulative 25.2 miles during their PE class or at home and then run the last one mile of the marathon on March 12th in downtown Montgomery finishing inside Riverwalk Stadium. Each participant will receive a shirt, personalized bib and a finisher’s medal commemorating their marathon accomplishment. Each student will have their face on the big screen as they run inside Riverwalk Stadium to the finish line in centerfield!

Registration fee is $15 and due to Coach Klinger by February 8th. Please make cash payment. Parent/Guardian must sign a waiver to participate.

What will your C4 Learner be working on this week? 1/19/16


We will investigate the following science standards in relation to our butterfly garden and school improvement projects.

*Plan and carry out investigations to examine properties of soils and soil types (e.g., color, texture, capacity to retain water, ability to support growth of plants).Construct explanations by citing evidence found in patterns of rock formations and fossils in rock layers that Earth changes over time through both slow and rapid processes (e.g., rock layers containing shell fossils appearing above rock layers containing plant fossils and no shells indicating a change from land to water over time, a canyon with different rock layers in the walls and a river in the bottom indicating that over time a river cut through the rock).

*Analyze and interpret data to determine effects of weathering and rate of erosion by water, ice, wind, and vegetation using one single form of weathering or erosion over time.

*Formulate and evaluate solutions to limit the effects of natural Earth processes on humans.


Literacy - We will be finishing up our narratives and reading Kensuke's Kingdom (HOPEFULLY). Reading standard 17. Explain how an author uses reason and evidence to support particular points in a text.

Over the next two weeks Mrs. Napier's literacy group will be writing opinion pieces that support their views on recycling. The students felt these could be a way of encouraging others to recycle at PRS.

W.4.1. Write opinion pieces on topics or texts, supporting a point of view with reasons and information.
W.4.10. Write routinely over an extended time frame.
W.4.1.a. Introduce a topic or text clearly.
W.4.1.b. Provide reasons that are supported by facts and details.
W.4.1.c. Link opinion and reasons using words and phrases.
W.4.1.d. Provide a concluding statement.
W.4.2.d. Use precise language to inform or explain.
R.1.4.8. Explain how an author uses reasons and evidence to support.


*Analyze political and economic issues facing Alabama during Feconstruction for their impact of various social groups.

This week learners will be educating their audience about the group's research question using images and create an oral Presentation: Students must create a game show, skit, song, rap or other creative medium to educate the class about their research topic.


*Within a single system of measurement, express measurements in a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit including km, m, cm; kg, g; lb, oz; l, ml.

***Introduce the measurement project***

We will be working on building picnic tables, benches, and mapping out our butterfly garden designs for the next few weeks. Learners will be applying their knowledge to real-world situations using measurement. Learners will have to convert between larger and smaller units of measurement in order to design and build the picnic tables, benches and butterfly garden. It's time to get down and dirty!

Link to the Measurement Project that we discussed last week:

Measurement Project


*Note: Feel free to submit this BEFORE your due date J!

Individual Deliverable (this document) due: January 12th

Digital Presentation posted to Edmodo by January 15th to receive 2 stars and a wish

Final DIGITAL product due: January 19th

Questions to ask your learner:

How did you use different measurements when you were planning to build the picnic tables and benches?

What two units of measurements did you have to convert between in order to determine what the butterfly garden would look like on the property?

Why do we have different measurement units?


*Use digital environments to collaborate and communicate.

*Using word-processing to revise and edit.

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PRS Parents,

The PRS PTSA has many great things planned for the remainder of the year! As you know, our Polar Express was a FUN success and we would like to have more evenings like it. To do these events, we need to continue our fundraising efforts. Friday, your student received a brochure for cookie dough sales. We are asking you to look through the brochure, call Grandma or Grandpa, and see how you can help support our PTSA!

Please be sure to take the payment for anything you sell. We are accepting cash and checks- made out to "PRS PTSA".

All orders and money must be turned in Feb. 12th.

The cookie dough will be available for pickup Thursday March 3rd. YOU MUST COME TO THE SCHOOL TO PICK UP YOUR ORDERS! We will not allow any student to take the dough home on the bus. We will be sure to sure to accommodate as many families as possible with pick up times. If you have any questions, please email Summer Rice at

Thank you so much for your continued support of Pike Road's PTSA!

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The PTSA would like to put together a slide show of all the amazing activities and beautiful people that make PRS so awesome! If you have any pictures of our students and staff involved in various PRS activities, please email them to by February 1, 2016. Thank you!
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The Town Council approved the purchase of a modular building (nine pieces that are assembled to become one building). All classrooms, restrooms, and offices are under one roof, which is a plus. We anticipate having modular classrooms onsite the end of January. Our hope is that they will be ready to occupy mid-February. Community 7 and 8 will be moving to these learning spaces.

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We are in the beginning stages of launching Pike Road Papas. This is an opportunity for Dads to get involved in the lives of our students. In conjunction with Pike Road Papas, we are inviting families to breakfast every Friday morning. You can eat with your children and with others who tend to gather around visiting Dads and Moms. Come share your family's love with the Pike Road Family.

Breakfast for adults costs $2.50 and breakfast for learners cost $2.00.

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Community 7/8 is hosting our first ever Pike Road School’s Career Day. This is a student organized project. The goal for Career Day is for students at Pike Road School to get a better understanding and to be inspired by possible career options. In the morning, we will have speakers who will share about their careers. If you are interested in sharing about your career, please click this link and share your information.

We are also looking for volunteer college students (not freshmen) or recent college graduates to speak at this event. They will share about college life and their major. If you are interested or know of college students who might be interested in being apart of this event, please click this link and share your information.

We will follow up with you once we review all the information. Thank you.


Community 7/8 Career Day Project Team

Don't Forget..


*Students need to be responsible for checking Edmodo and email on a daily basis. They do this at school and need to continue at home. Thanks for your help on this!

*If you are still not receiving emails via School Cast (Info@PikeRoad) or FreshGrade issues. Please let us know.

*Check your learner's Edmodo account and email daily to stay up to date.

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*Get your child's account information and check to see what information and resources are being sent daily. Accounts to check: EDMODO/ GMAIL/ FRESH GRADE




*Ask your child SPECIFIC questions about their learning.

Example: "I read in your email that you are learning about speed and energy, what activities did you do to learn about this? Which activity did you enjoy the most? Can you tell me how speed and energy are related?" Ask them what their "TWEET FOR THE DAY" would be if they were going to sum up their day. This is a few powerful, but brief words about their day.


Find something your child is passionate about and fuel that passion by encouraging them to read about it. The more they read, the more they will learn new vocabulary words. Get the to describe what they've read to you in detail. You might even read a book together and discuss it.

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What is Edmodo?

Learners and Lead Learners can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips. A lead learner can assign and assess work on Edmodo; students can GET and GIVE feedback from the entire class on Edmodo. Ask your child about "Two STARS and a WISH." Think of it as a "walled garden" where collaboration and learning can take place in a safe environment.

What is Fresh Grade?

"As parents, we know everything about our children’s habits. We know what gives them nightmares and why at 4:00pm they get a bit cranky. We know it all, right? Nothing is more important to us than our child’s development, yet we have a blind spot – the classroom.

FreshGrade gives parents a window into the classroom through a secure digital portfolio for your child. Capturing their learning as it happens, and tracking their progress." It also increases communication and collaboration between parents, learners and Lead Learners through digital portfolios.

How can my child move from "not meeting expectations to meeting expectations? While we continue to support and facilitate you child's learning during the school day, you can help at home too. Work with your learner on areas where they are struggling by using the individual Lead Learner feedback (that was given specifically to you child) on Fresh Grade to facilitate their learning at home. Once your child feels they are ready to be re-assessed, just have them drop us and email.

How can I understand what the standard is asking and where can I get extra resources for the standards?

Below is a link to the Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) website that you can use to get both the explanation of the standard AND resources to go along with them. It will also help you go above and below the 4th grade standard.


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  • January 18 - No school in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • January 19 - Called Board Meeting at 6:45 a.m. in the conference room
  • January 22 - Susan Hoitt from the Mobile Singing Children’s Choir performing for 4-8
  • January 28 - Group Picture Day
  • February 1 – School Board Meeting at 6:00 P.M. in the conference room
  • February 15- Professional Learning Day for Lead Learners- no school students
  • February 16- 18 Book Fair

4th Annual Pike Road Father Daughter Dance

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A day in the life of a C4 Patriot...

8:00-8:30 - House keeping/Homeroom
8:30-11:30 - Literacy block: Ms. Rials/Mrs. Napier OR
  • Math block: Fureigh/Hardin
  • Your learner knows which lead learner they are with.
  • (PE falls in this time block)
11:30-2:45 - Project Based Learning Time (PBL)
  • (Lunch falls in this block beginning at 12:06 pm)
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Click this button to view our SCHOOL newsletter for more school wide information.

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To create a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students have ownership of their learning and are inspired to think, innovate and create.

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ADDRESS: 500 Avenue of Learning, Pike Road, AL

PHONE NUMBER: 334-420-5310