October Family Newsletter


Dear Marthasville Students and Families,

Hard to believe we are already starting OCTOBER! Our first Character Ed assemblies of the year started off strong with a focus on Self-Control. Huge shout-out to Mrs. Busekrus and Ms. Glosemeyer for organizing these monthly events and supervising our students so teachers and staff can meet in their PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) to analyze standardized testing data, as well as determine intervention groups and supports needed in and out of the classroom. Teachers will be reaching out soon if your child has been identified as needing extra support in the area of Reading and/or Math. Teachers are planning intense interventions with our students to close gaps and increase achievement. All caregivers will be receiving their child's FastBridge data reports on 10/3, as well as a letter explaining how to read these reports. If your child will be receiving a Tier 2 intervention with their teacher in the classroom, or a Tier 3 intervention with Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Rogala, and/or Mrs. Forsee, those letters will be included in the packet as well. Once you receive this packet, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's classroom teacher, interventionist, or myself if you need help deciphering the information. We are here to help you!

We have a busy month ahead full of festivities, Book Fair, spirit week, and Halloween parties. Our character word of the month is: Accountability. Please see below for the full description of what your child will learn about this word. It is going to be a FaBOOlous October!

Most Caring,

Mrs. Kristen Daffron


Marthasville Elementary

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Book Fair


October 12th - October 20th Open during Parent Teacher Conferences)

All purchases through the Book Fair benefit our school. Thanks for supporting our kids! Happy reading!


Dr. Kephart Communication

Visit the district's homepage to view monthly communication from our Superintendent, Dr. Kephart.


Kephart Communications September 2022

PTG Meetings

PTG Meetings are held once a month at 6:00 (except January and May) in the conference room. We are always looking for new and fresh faces and ideas to support our school!

Here are the dates:

October 25, 2022

November 22, 2022

NO December Meeting

January 24, 2023

February 28, 2023

March 28, 2023

April 25, 2023

NO May Meeting

June planning meeting (TBD)

No July Meeting

PTG Meeting Minutes

Marthasville PTG Minutes for Sept 27, 2022

Attendance: Mrs. Daffron, Lea Welter, Elizabeth Voss, Cassy Timpe, Sarah Brewe, Abby Rinne, Stacie Chapman

  • Call the Meeting to Order

    • Time: 6:05pm

  • Approval of Aug 23rd meeting

    • 1st: Elizabeth

    • 2nd: Cassy

  • Approval of Financial Report

    • Ending balance: $18767.61

    • Philly’s dine to donate profited $350

      • Approval

        • 1st: Elizabeth

        • 2nd: Stacie

  • Fundraisers-

    • Dine To Donates

      • Philly’s Dine To Donate was Sept 15th. Mrs Monroig’s class won the pizza party for most participation. We earned $350 from this event.

      • November 2022- Sent a message to Cori at the Twin Gables to set up time to do dine to donate.

      • January 2023 -Possibly Moes. Email is out to them. Awaiting reply.

    • Craft Fair

      • Oct 15th, 2022 8am to 2pm.

        • We have approx 30 vendors, Georges BBQ and food truck and snow cones.

        • Indoor spaces are full. Some space left in case of rain for outdoor booths to move inside.

        • Vendors can start setting up at 6am to 745am.

        • Cassy to sell 50/50 tickets. Cassy to decide cost per ticket.

        • We will need to mark spots in the gym for booths. Will do this the Friday before.

        • We will need change (dollars, no coins) for 50/50 and snow cone sales.

        • Lea will donate snow cone items and the use of the ice shaver. Snow cones will be $2/cup.

        • Some older girl scouts and a few others will be there to help to earn service hours.

        • Need trash bags for vendors. Lea will donate.

        • Vendor contact information card for vendors to complete. This will be used for future events and the vendor will be contacted to see if they want to have a booth at future events. Stacie to make the vendor contact information cards.

  • Movie Night

    • November 4th. Doors open at 6, Movie at 630pm.

    • Movie: Free Birds. Elizabeth will order on Amazon

    • Need to decide on concession items.

    • Student Leadership to help with set up, concessions and clean up. Mrs Daffron to message Mrs Straatmann.

  • Randy’s Laundry Soap

    • Forms will go home Dec 12th, 2022.

    • Forms and money will be due January 11th 2023.

    • Orders will be submitted January 13th, 2023

    • Delivery Date will be set up in December with Lana at Randy’s Soap.

  • Spirit Wear

    • We sold 19 tumblers for a profit of $57.00. Less than anticipated interest.

    • We sold 100 shirts. Profit is not known until shirts and vinyl are bought.

    • Goal is to have shirts done and handed out at the beginning of November.

    • Elizabeth will press shirts at home. Cassy and Stacie to help as needed. Too chaotic to do as a group.

  • Teacher Requests

    • Request Forms were given to each teacher as a guide for PTG to help manage requests and encourage teachers to bring the request to us in a timely and more organized manner.

    • Mr. Logan had requested popsicles at the last meeting for his choir recruitment. Those were donated at no cost to us by the Voss family.

    • Mrs. Bartel requested dum dums and blow pops for the upcoming book fair in October. Those items were voted on 1st- Cassy T, 2nd- Elizabeth Voss. Cost to PTG was $41.96.

    • Will make a change request form for the teachers as well.

    • Sun Shades- do we have enough for 2? Or 1 this year and work towards another one next year? https://www.playgroundequipment.com/square-single-column-fabric-shade/

      • Cost of sunshade at the above website: $3033

        • Does this include delivery?

        • Does this include installation?

      • Teacher(s) who is/are requesting it will need to fill out the request form. Need more information from the requesting teacher (s).

  • Outdoor Classroom

    • Benches were installed (secured to the concrete) by the school district. Mrs Daffron has been working on staining them. Cub Scouts will be helping to stain the benches as well.

    • Pavilion discussion

      • Wood is still very expensive.

      • We have looked at steel.

        • It is more supportive.

        • Hasa better wind rating.

      • Lea spoke with Rocky Roloff who agreed that steel would be the best option financially.

      • Budget: ~$11,000

      • Quote for steel one with Alan’s Factory Outlet was for a bit over $6000. They deliver and install. This will have a blue roof.

      • Approval

        • 1st: Cassy

        • 2nd: Elizabeth

      • Will look into potentially putting brick or wood planters around the legs to dress them up a bit.

  • Open Forum

    • Parent Teacher Conferences- October 20th 12-7pm

      • PTG will provide pizza for the staff. Sign up Genius for salad, bread, baked goods and drinks.

      • Feeding 25 staff.

      • Lea will set up a Sign Up Genius for food donations.

      • Will not need paper products or utensils.

    • We need to start thinking about Staff Christmas Gifts and have some ideas for the next meeting. Elizabeth will take the lead on ordering the gifts as discussed in meeting.

  • Close of Meeting: 6:53pm

  • Next Meeting October 25, 2022 at 6pm