Welcome to St. John's hospital

Location and information

We are located in Saint Louis, Missouri on rainbow road. There are a variety of hotels near by for friends and family if you don't want to stay in the hospital. The hospital is located near the national airport. We have 3 areas that have food and drinks. On the 3rd floor we have a huge garden open during 5:00am to 6:00pm everyday. There also are several waiting areas and lounges for you to relax at.

Our hospital

Cost of rooms and items allowed

On average people stay 2 or 3 nights. Each night is $150. Dogs are allowed, but only in the dog area on the second floor. Perfume is allowed only when not near patients.

Our staff

75% of our staff have 2 or 3 master degrees in their area. Most of our staff members have also have gone to 2 colleges so that they can get even more professional information.