The Southern Colonies

Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia


The most successful Southern Colony was Virginia. Founded in 1607 by John Smith, it came to hold the Anglican religion. Their number one cash crop was tobacco. Illegally brought there from the Spanish and it's sales sky rocketed. Virginia started out corporate, later became royal. Holding 447,016 people by the late 1700's.


Maryland was founded in 1634 by Lord Baltimore. It had a proprietary government, they made their money from tobacco and sugar. Maryland had a toleration act which guaranteed toleration to all Christians which also opened the door to the freedom of Catholics but at first Maryland was Anglican.

North Carolina

North Carolina was founded by the Lords Proprietors back in 1653. Having an Anglican religion just like the other southern states, it was also a proprietary. Their economy came from pine trees, naval stores and sugar.

South Carolina

South Carolina, being more successful than North Carolina was found ten years after NC was in 1663 by the Lords Proprietors. Also Anglican and proprietary, their economy was finally something different. South Carolina had rice in the marshlands as its main cash crop, it also had indigo used for dye; found by a lady named Eliza Lucas.


Last but not least we have Georgia, found in 1732 by James Oglethorpe. The established religion there was Anglican. It was a royal colony made for debtors in jail, it was just a place to dump them. Georgia ends up becoming the most successful later in the 1800's. They didnt have a cashcrop, only a little rice but later cotton made it big.