Detroit Water Newsela Article

Step 1 - REREAD

Go back to the Newsela Article, High levels of lead, copper found in water at 19 Detroit schools, reread this article as a group. Your group can elect one member to read or you may all read. Whatever your group decides.

Step 2 - MEDIA

Your group will be using Google Slides to display their findings from the article. One member of the group will need to create a Google Slides presentation and share it with the other group members.

Step 3 - SLIDES

Slide 1 - Title of the Article and Group Members Names

Slide 2 - Main Idea, Tell What's The Main Idea Of The Article

Slide 3 - Name of First Perspective, Tell What Their Perspective Is

Slide 4 - Evidence from the Text about that Perspective

Slide 5 - Name of Second Perspective, Tell What Their Perspective Is

Slide 6 - Evidence from the Text about that Perspective

Slide 7 - Summary, Summarize the Article Using the Six Word Story Strategy


As a group, discuss the main idea of the article. Remember that the main idea is what the text is all about. When you have come up with an answer, add it to your Google Slides Presentation.


Choose two of the people below to identify their thoughts and feelings about the Detroit Water Crisis. Try to choose one person whom it may be easy to identify their perspective and one person whom it may be a little bit more difficult to identify their perspective.

Students in Detroit Public Schools

Teachers in Detroit Public Schools

School Administration in Detroit Public Schools

Water Testers in Detroit, MI

Rick Snyder - Governor of Detroit, MI

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Summarize the article using the Six Word Story strategy. Remember that you can only use six words or less.


Add an extra slide onto your Google Presentation. Imagine Florence Waters went to visit Detroit, Michigan to fix their water crisis. What do you think she would do? How do you think she would fix it? What type of drinking fountain would she create for these Detroit schools?