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5th Grade

Congratulations to our first Clipper of the week Kourtni Christensen!!!

Quick Recap

WOW, last week was a busy week! We completed our first Reading Street Unit "Frindle" (sent home today). We had our first quiz in social studies (those went home last week), first spelling test, created area and volume models, completed math pre assessments, and completed SRI testing (Bring on Reading Counts). We also celebrated "Constitution day" with a little constitution computer treasure hunt, the book, "We The People" and had an opportunity to get hands on with some famous documents! See pics below.

This week...


Slightly different than last week. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments and showing you their work.Here is what HW will look like this week:

Reading: 30 minutes+ Record book title & # of pages read (No reading response this week)

Math: Videos (apologies for non-working link last week). The students should all know how to access: Search " Blendspace David Wray", click on Unit 1, it will open to all the videos for our unit. Click on assigned lesson. In lieu of video, students can always opt to take text book home to preview lesson and take notes. Also for HW Quick Check corrections. You may have seen these come home last week. Students fix and explain their mistakes for credit. (15 minutes)

Social Studies/ Science / Health: Review notes. Students should be reading over their notes, redoing if necessary, adding to for clarification, using as a study guide. (5-10 minutes tops)

*At any time student can take home a text book to study or assist in redoing notes. M/W Social Studies W/TH Science F Health.

Spelling: Students have a spelling HW sheet were they can pick their spelling HW. Students take a pretest on 25 words related to the ELA unit (Reading Street text) on Monday. The missed words are the words they will have a spelling test on Friday. Spelling words are based on spelling pattern and come from our unit of the week. During our ELA block students work with unit words along with the vocabulary words.


I should have access this week and progress reports will go home Friday!


Reading Street Unit: Thunder Rose The following will be covered with this unit: tall tales, context clues, cause and effect. We will also continue with plot and character. We've started our Daily Rotations. Our ELA block will start with a whole group mini lesson then students will rotate through the following: Grammar & Word Study, Reading / Literature Circle, Writing, & Teacher Table. Teacher table will cover a variety of needs to include; guided reading, writing conferences, reteach, note taking, ecetera

Social Studies (M/T)

We are still in chapter 1. Last week we completed and quizzed on Lesson 1. This week we covered Lesson 2: Early American Cultures. Our quiz for this lesson is tomorrow!

Science (W/TH)

We will continue with Ecosystems. Last week we covered abiotic and biotic factors along with discussing the difference between population and community. This week we will tie those concepts together by exploring the interrelationship and the cause and effect if one factor is removed.
Abiotic Biotic Song

Hispanic Heritage Celebration Luncheon

Friday, Oct. 16th, 12pm

Room131 (across from the office)

This month is Hispanic Heritage Month. Our class has decided to celebrate and share this event with our 5th grade families. This week during morning announcements, a featured Hispanic leader is being presented daily. Next week, Students will research, write about and create posters that will be displayed during our luncheon. In social studies, we will be covering powerful civilizations that were developed and spread in parts of Mexico, Central & South America. Perfect timing! I will be making some Puerto Rican traditional dishes. Come taste some arroz con gondules (rice with pigeon peas), relleno de papas (potatoe balls filled with meat) and a dessert. Mr. Dominguez our GE teacher will be joining us with some treats of his own and teaching some of our students, to teach other students, how to salsa dance! Hope you can join us for some culture fun as we listen to and dance to Spanish music. Come taste the Hispanic culture and learn about some of our Hispanic Leaders.

Donations / Volunteers: If you'd like to make a dish PLEASE do! We have about 38 fifth grade students total. Just send me an email with what your making so I have a general idea of much food we need. Also plates, napkins, spoons and forks are much appreciated. This will take the place of regular lunch and recess. If your child is picky or has allergies they can always bag lunch it, if they prefer.

Date: Friday, October 16th

Time: 12:00-12:30

Food Drop off: any time that Friday before 12 in room 131.