The bloodiest battle in American history

The Antietam Rundown.

The battle wasn't a very long battle. It was the bloodiest battle in American history. The front lines didn't change much because the battle was close. The South lost but, neither side won honestly because is there really a win in a battle when you lose about a third of your. The battle began in September of 1862 and ended that same day. There was so much blood spilled the Nurses dresses who went after to care for the men were dyed red up to their knees with blood.
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Picture of a mass grave

There were about 23,000 casualties at the Battle of Antietam, it was the single most bloody battle in american history.
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Picture of where the battle happened

The battle happened in Sharpsburg, Maryland. The Union named the battles after the river it was near and the South named it after the town it was in. So the Union name is Antietam and the Southern name was Sharpsburg.
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When did the battle happen

The battle of Antietam happened on September 17, 1862.
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Who was the victor?

The Union won the battle of Antietam, but both sides suffered immense casualties.
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The battle?

The battle was fought very closely, most of the men were within 100 yards of each other. The battle lasted about 12 hours.

Why was it significant

This Union victory led President Lincoln to declare the Emancipation Proclamation. This proclamation led to slavery in the rebelling states to be illegal. This was a problem because the border states were still allowed to have slave as long as they didn't succeed from the union.