By:Samantha, Sandrine, Sydney

Who founded your colony?

Cecil Calvert founded my colony.
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Cecil Calvert

He was 1 out of the 2 other siblings. When his father dies in 1632 Cecil came 2nd barren of Baltimore and inherited the colonies and lands that his father owned.

What region was your colony in?

The colony was up in the southern region?
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What date was it founded?

April 28th, 1788

Why was it founded?

For religious reason such as, he wanted to create refuge for roman Catholics who were still being persecuted.
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What were its economic reosurces?

Tabaco was its mainstay. It had good soil to grow crops.
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What was its geography and climate?

Good climate for growing crops, the land was also filled with a lot of plains.
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Colonial Maryland