Learning How Divide

Steps to divide

Steps to divide 4752 ÷96

1.The first number 4752 that is being divided is the whole the second number is the divisor

2.Round the divisor to the nearest ten and round the whole to something 90 can divide into easily and the answer is your estimate

3. Make a division house

4.Put the whole in the house and the divisor next to the house on your left

5.See how many times 96 can go in 4 it cant see how many time 96 can go in 47 it cant see how many times 96 can go in 475 it can go 4 times so put the 4 on top of 5 and you have 91 left and you cant put 96 in 91 you cant so you add the two and you get 912

6. See how many times 96 can go in 912 it can go in 9 time and put nine on top of the 2 and you have 48 left from putting 96 in 864

7. since there are no numbers left you bring down a zero and put a decimal after the 9 now see how many times 96 can go in 480 it can go in 5 times and you now have nothing left

8. If 4752 had a decimal in it then before you divide put the decimal on top of the decimal in 4752


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