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April 27, 2022

ASE - Upcoming Information

4/28/2022 - Kinder Program 6:00

4/28/2022 - Senior Walk 8:00 - 9:00

4/29/2022 - Field Day

5/4/2022 - PTO Executive Board Meeting 10:00

5/10/2022 - STAAR 3rd Math Paper testers; 4th Math Paper and online testers, 5th Math Paper testers

5/11/2022 - STAAR 3rd Reading Paper testers; 4th Reading Paper testers; 5th Reading Paper and Online Testers

5/11/2022 - Bahama Bucks Spirit Night

5/12/2022 - STAAR 4th Reading Online testers; 5th Science Paper testers

5/12/2022 - PTO General Meeting 6:30

5/13/2022 - STAAR 5th Math Online testers

5/17/2022 - STAAR 3rd Math Online testers

5/18/2022 - STAAR 5th Science Online testers

5/19/2022 - STAAR 3rd Reading Online testers

5/19/2022 - Papa John's Spirit Night

5/23/2022 - Life Skills field trip to Splash Pad

5/23/2022 - GT Expo at ASE 4:00

5/24/2022 - 5th Picnic at ESE Complex 11-1

5/25/2022 - Picnics

PK/K - 10:15; 2nd - 11:30; 4th - 12:45

5/26/2022 - 5th Talent Show 8:30 - 9:30

5/26/2022 - Picnics

1st - 11:00; 3rd - 12:15


STAAR Testing

No Visitors or Volunteers

STAAR Testing occurs over a 2 week window. Visitors and Volunteers will not be allowed due to test security and confidentiality. In order to keep test security, many staff have testing/monitoring responsibilities. We also have revised schedules. Therefore, no outside deliveries and no visitors or volunteers.

For this year, 3rd and 4th grade are doing the STAAR online while 5th is doing paper. Even though the majority of the grade may be doing paper or online, we do have some students that may be taking a different version as we work towards transitioning ALL students to online for the future. The state is requiring all online beginning in the 2022-2023 school year. This is why there is a 2 week window to complete testing.

May 10 - May 13

Tuesday - 3rd Math Paper; 4th Math Paper and Online; 5th Math Paper

Wednesday - 3rd Reading Paper; 4th Reading Paper; 5th Reading Paper and Online

Thursday - 4th Reading Online; 5th Science Paper

Friday - 5th Math Online; Make up testing

May 17 - May 19

Tuesday - 3rd Math Online

Wednesday - 5th Science Online

Thursday - 3rd Reading Online

Virtual students will come to campus to test and information will be sent soon on procedures and safety measures.


Field Day - Friday, April 29

PK-2 8:30 - 10:30

3-5 12:30 - 2:30

Visitors and guests are welcome! Please make sure to bring your driver's license. Check-in will be on the fields.

PK-2 students may not be checked out to attend the 3-5 field day and 3-5 students may not be checked out to attend the K-2 field day.

If you are checking out after field day, please do so with your child's teacher and exit from the field. Please have students leave all backpacks at home so they do not have to go back to the classroom to collect their things if leaving after field day.

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Teacher Appreciation Week - Donations of Drinks and Dry Goods

ASE Families,

We need your help to make next week a success! Please consider donating drinks and dry goods for our Staff Appreciation Week (May 2 - 6).

Donations should be dropped off in the Front Lobby of ASE by 3:00pm this Friday, April 29.

Please use the following link to sign up:

Thank you for your consideration! With your help, next week is sure to be a success!


Teacher Appreciation Week - Desserts Needed

ASE Families,

Please consider donating a dessert for Staff Appreciation Week next week (May 2 -6).

Desserts are to be dropped off in the ASE Front Lobby on the morning that you sign up.

Please use the following link to sign up:

Thank you for your consideration! We appreciate your help in making next week a huge success!