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Coming Thursday 2/6

Cherry Vanilla And Spiced Coffee Layered Wax Tarts
Jewelry In Candles is releasing Layered Scented Products a little at a time. There will only be 2000 Limited Edition JIC Exclusive items available. The first items items to be released are the Cherry Vanilla And Spiced Coffee Layered Wax Tarts.
These will be released tomorrow night at 7 pm EST.

Cherry Vanilla Layered Wax Tarts

Scent #1 - Black Cherry
The delicious sweetness of rich, ripe black cherries that will envelope your home... It's all that you love about black cherries without the pits!

Scent #2 - Vanilla
A classic scent that calls to mind the warm memories of home, comfort, and family. Simply vanilla, simply wonderful!

Spiced Coffee Layered Wax Tarts

Scent #1 - Cinnamon
Irresistible, sweet and sticky cinnamon buns drenched with icing... yum! Butter, cinnamon, and sugar notes make up this heavenly and delicious wax tart!

Scent #2 - Coffee
The aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans combined with creamy vanilla and a base note of hazelnuts. It is a warm welcome to get the morning going or a quiet evening with friends.

Chocolate Fudge On Sale Now and More

Reminder that February's Scent Of The Month is Chocolate Fudge. And Both the candle and the wax tarts are currently 25% off already marked down in the store.

Rep Sign up Event:
The Rep sign up event ends on February 28th. $29.95 includes rep ecommerce store and scent samples. Ask my how you can sign up!

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