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Kindergarten Registration

Wednesday, March 2nd, 4-7pm

2101 Valley Drive

High Ridge, MO

Do you know anyone entering Kindergarten next year? Please spread the word! Kindergarten registration is set, we will send more information as it gets closer but March will be here before you know it!!!

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Kindergarten Registration

Thursday, March 3rd, 9-11am

2101 Valley Drive

High Ridge, MO

Do you know anyone entering Kindergarten next year? Please spread the word! Kindergarten registration is set, we will send more information as it gets closer but March will be here before you know it!!!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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We Love Our Murphy Community!

We hope that everyone has taken some time to enjoy this crazy warm weather that we are having! Winter in St. Louis is unpredictable for sure, we are loving the opportunity to get the kids out for recess.

At Murphy we strive to support our community.

Did you know:

  • We have a backpack program that provides kid friendly snacks to students that need them over the weekend? If you or someone you know is in need of assistance please contact our office and we can help. The Lions Club provides snacks and packs backpacks on every Friday!
  • Our Read Right Run group has worked all year with a local woman who gives blankets and meals to the homeless. Our group has collected over 100 blankets! They also collected books for Friends of Kids with Cancer, they collected over 100 books!
  • Mrs. Wedel's class made posters to welcome home the WWII veterans that went on the Honor Flight this fall.
  • 2nd grade conducted a food drive in November for the Ladies of Charity and the Community Closet at the Valley Middle School.
  • Several classes helped bring a little Valentine cheer to our local veterans by writing letters and creating artwork for the "Valentines for Veterans" project sponsored by Congressman Luetkemeyer's office. We love our heroes!

Way to go Murphy Lions!!! The Murphy Community is very important to us. If you have any suggestions/ideas for Murphy to serve the community, please let us know!

Northwest High School Needs Our Help!

Northwest staff members are shaving their heads to raise money for childhood cancer research! Did you know that kids' cancers are different from adult cancers? It's true. And childhood cancer research is extremely underfunded. So they decided to do something about it by raising money for cures.

Now they need your help! Will you make a donation? Every dollar makes a difference for the thousands of infants, children, teens, and young adults fighting childhood cancers.

Their goal is to raise $12,000.00 by February 19th. Please click on one of the links to make a donation Please disregard the March 5th Helen Fitzgerald event. They will be shaving at the High School in conjunction with House Springs Elementary in honor of Charlie Long who passed away in 2006 from Neuroblastoma. Charlie would have been a senior this year.

Mark your calendar for February 19th. The evening will start off with a $5.00 all you can eat pancake and sausage dinner served in the cafeteria at the High School from 4:30 - 6:30. At 6:00 the shaving will begin in the gym. Besides our staff members, there are over 60 Northwest students, staff and community members shaving for the cause.

Jason Brown. Senior Class Principal

Brad Zerman, Biology Teacher, Football Coach

Mike Horn, Science Teacher

Sheri Tucker, English Teacher

Dave Willis, Woodridge Middle School PE Teacher, Soccer Coach

Opportunity to Meet Parents’ Needs on Late Start Wednesday

We understand that Late Start Wednesdays can be difficult for our families to accommodate with work schedules, so we are adjusting our Lion Care schedule. Starting January 6, 2016, the Northwest R-I School District is opening up the Lion Care facilities at 7:30am on Late Start Wednesdays at no charge. If you need additional information regarding Lion Care, please contact Amanda Santure at 636-671-3470 at extension 14120.

Kindergarten Lives the 7 Habits!

In January, Kindergarten students reviewed and practiced the 7 Habits. We have been thinking win-win (Habit 4) by reading every day. Not only does it help us practice our skills and improve our reading levels, but we reach our monthly reading goals. We also have been working on being proactive (Habit 1) by remembering our listening ears and taking responsibility for ourselves. These are very important kindergarten skills! We synergize (Habit 6) when we work together as math or center partners, reading buddies, or on the playground in a game. Finally, we have been working to begin with the end in mind (Habit 2) by using technology to practice our reading and math assessments. Because we have been completing “mini-tests” each week, we are prepared for the big diagnostic tests during the year. We will continue to practice our 7 Habits as well as our leadership jobs, in February. In Kindergarten, we believe that we “don’t just teach kids to count, we teach them what counts most.” (quote by Karen Salmansohn)

Our First Graders Have Been Very Busy!

First graders have been super busy learning about so many targets. This month we have been working on making predictions and inferring about what we have read in class. This month we read a couple of our favorite books by Jan Brett called “The Hat” and “The Mitten.” We also made some cute Dr. Martin Luther King Jr projects that we tied to our seven habits. We talked about Habit 3-Begin with the end in mind and talked about our dreams and goals for our future just like MLK and having a dream. In math we are learning about solving equations on both sides of the equal sign and proving if the equation is true or false. We will also be moving into solving word problems using 3 digits. We had wonderful winter parties this year. Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered and made them so great for our students. Thank you again for sending in project money to help in making our snowman project. They turned out awesome! Information about our chick project and our spring field trip to the zoo has been sent home.

Second Graders Hard at Work!

We have been working hard 3rd quarter. During Writer’s Workshop we are writing paragraphs about our opinions. The students really seem excited to write about what they think. This involves beginning with an end in mind because we want to persuade the reader to believe what we believe.

All of 2nd grade is participating in Rocket Math. We are almost finished with addition facts to 20 and will begin subtraction facts soon. All of the students look forward to moving on to the next level. 2nd grade is also moving on to 3-digit addition and subtraction. We will also be solving word problems involving the $ and ¢ symbols correctly. This involves being proactive since we’re in charge of ourselves we need to study our math facts.

During reading class we are focusing on the topic of a multi-paragraph text and finding the main idea of each paragraph within informational text. This involves Habit 5. We need to understand the multi-paragraph text before we can understand what the main idea is.

2nd grade also made Valentines for Veterans thanking them for their service. What a great way to Think Win Win. The students are showing they care about the Veterans and their years of service.

Third Graders are Leaders!

Third graders have been very busy this month!

We had one third grade student from each class that participated in the Murphy Spelling Bee. These students displayed Habit #2 (Begin With The End In Mind) by studying so hard to learn their spelling words. They did a great job! The rest of the third graders really showed great leadership by cheering on their friends. Everyone had a great time. Way to go third graders!

Each third grade class also showed their appreciation for The High Ridge Fire Department and The Public Water Supply District #2 by creating thank you cards for all their hard work helping us get clean water again. The cards were presented to them at the School Board Meeting. It was so great to see the students be proactive in thanking those people who work so hard to help the community!

News from Fourth Grade!

Murphy fourth graders have been hard at work since we got back from winter break! We have set goals both academic and behavioral for the quarter and are self-monitoring our progress in areas such as reading and attendance. We also work to incorporate the 7 Habits into our daily lives both at school and at home!

Cinnamon, Mrs. Meinhardt’s new class hedgehog is settling in quite nicely! One of our families was kind enough to construct a cross for Mr. Spike Prickles gravesite and we are thankful!

Topics of study this quarter include decimals, geometry, poetry, persuasive writing and the Lewis and Clark Expedition (among other things).

We had a great 100th day of school! (Thursday January 28, 2016!)

Murphy Music News!

I am excited to announce an amazing event: Murphy Night at Busch Stadium on Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 at 7:15 PM! During the seventh inning stretch our current Murphy third graders have the opportunity to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” on the field! To be eligible for the performance we must sell 300 hundred total tickets. Tickets will be $15 each for section 270 and 271 (Left Field Lodge next to Big Mac Land!!). If we are unable to sell the required tickets, we will not be allowed to participate.

Mark your calendars to support MES!

Library Lion Leaders

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Scholastic Summer Reader Leaders

Murphy students have had many opportunities to be library leaders so far this school year. In September our Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge came to an end. We had 41 students participate and read over 36,000 minutes this summer. We had six students who were our top readers who read at least 1,800 minutes=

3rd Graders: Mia H. and Andrew G.

4th Grade: Margena M.

5th Grade: Max N. and Rhyanna B.

6th Grade: Justin G.

In October, we had our fall Scholastic Book Fair, and these six students all won a free book for their Summer Reading accomplishments. Our 4th grade classes were also great leaders during the Book Fair. Each 4th grade class came down to help their kindergarten friends pick out “just right” books and fill out their wish lists.

Mark Twain Readers Award Reader Leaders

Every year, the Readers Award Committee of the Missouri Association of School Librarians selects 12 chapter books for their annual Mark Twain Readers Award. The list consists of titles that they recommend as literature that will enrich students’ lives. Students in 4th-6th grade are encouraged to participate in this award. Those students who read at least 4 of the titles from the current list of nominees will then get to vote for their favorite book in March. The book with the most votes will then be awarded the Mark Twain Readers Award. At Murphy, we currently have five copies of each of the twelve titles that are being checked out and read by our 4th and 5th grade students. As students read these books, they are given a 10 question quiz to complete. Once a quiz is returned, the student’s name is added to our Murphy Library Mark Twain Readers Award Participation Poster in the library and a sticker is added for every book they have read from the list. We currently have fifty-three 4th and 5th grade students who are actively reading and participating in this program. The following Library Leaders have already read at least 4 titles from the list and are eligible to vote for their favorite book in March:

Payton M.,Kayla C., Autumn L.,Kennedy C.,Bailey O.,Jade G. ,Jordan C., Joe L. , Misa R. , Mariah S., Sofia M., Rhyanna B., Tanner G., Taylor W., Chloe F.

Kindergarten Votes

Kindergarten participated in the Missouri Library Association’s Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award program again this school year. The MO Building Block Picture Book Award is presented annually to the author and illustrator of a picture book that was voted most popular by the young children in Missouri. This program is designed to encourage reading aloud to children from birth to kindergarten. After Murphy kindergartners listened to the 10 nominated titles for this year, they voted in December for their favorite book. Each student brought home a certificate showing they participated in this program.

English Language Learners Put First Things First

Last semester, several first and second grade ELL students didn’t head home to play right after school. They chose to put first things first and put in some extra time after school brushing up on their reading, writing, and math skills with Mrs. Tukin. Each student worked hard in the areas they needed to focus on and made some excellent progress! These students are looking forward to beginning their after school work again very shortly. Way to go!!

Mrs. Weatherby’s Speech Corner

10 Tips to Improve your Child’s Communication

  1. Talk A LOT!! - the more you talk to your children the better their language skills will become.

  2. Give Wait Time - Most of us don't even wait for people to finish a sentence before we chime in with what we have to say.

  3. Don't Over Correct Your Child - Over correcting is the exact opposite way of how to improve communication skills.

  4. Treat Your Child as a Full Communication Partner - Talk to them as if they are adults but still remember they are children. This doesn't mean use adult vocabulary, jokes, or information they won't understand, rather take turns, use eye contact, and value what they say.

  5. Turn Off the TV - This will help your child expand their imagination, learn to entertain themselves, and consequently strengthen their language skills.

  6. Read, Read, Read - I'm not just talking about books either. Read the back of the cereal box, people's shirts, and signs on the street…but try to read at least one book a day.

  7. Ask Open Ended Questions - Open ended questions are when the answer can be a variety of things and not answered by "yes" or "no". These questions will teach your child how to think "hard" and reason for themselves. "Tell me about..." is my favorite phrase to use when I focus on language skills.

  8. Repeat Words Often - Children need to hear sounds and words at least 100 times before they will even start trying to say it. Don't limit how many times you say a same word.

  9. Draw Conclusions/Explain Consequences - The earlier you teach your children this concept, the better.

  10. Praise Your Child for Talking - This is another one that needs to be balanced. You don't need to tell your child how great they are talking after everything they say. Space it out. Tell them at least a few times a day. More when they're younger.

Pennies For Patients

Pennies for Patients starts of Monday Feb. 8 and will run through Friday Feb. 19. The grade level raising the most for Leukaemia/Lymphoma society will be honored with a class size BANANA SPILT for each of the classes in that grade level. Information came home this week, we thank you for your support!

News From Murphy PTO!

The PTO is sponsoring several events in the next month.

Murphy PTO will be having a sponsored week at 5 Below in the Gravois Bluffs Shopping District February 9-13th. Our school will receive 10% of all profits from that day as long as you bring in the 5 Below flyer. Be looking for the flyer by February 5th. This would be a great place to stock up on Valentine’s at low prices while helping out our school!

Our next Skate Night will be February 11th from 6-8 pm at the High Ridge Skate Center. The cost is $6 per person. Once we reach 50 participants, the Murphy PTO will receive $1 for each admission fee.

Due to the Skate Night Date, we moved the monthly PTO Meeting to the following Thursday, February 18th, from 6-7pm in the Library. The main item on our agenda will be talking about nominations for offices for the following school year term. There will be two vacancies but anyone can be nominated to any position on the board. Any person who has a child enrolled at Murphy Elementary School is eligible for office as long as they have attended at least three consecutive meetings or five overall meetings for the school year. The meetings are open to all parents, guardians, teachers and staff of MES.

Our annual Father/ Daughter Dance will be held February 19th from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Gym. This dance is open to all girls who attend Murphy Elementary and any special adult, male or female that they wish to bring. There is no cost to attend this event. Although we will be offering photographs for $2 a piece. Please remember to return your Heart letters prior to the dance. We are also looking for several volunteers to help decorate and stay throughout the event. Please contact the PTO at the below email with any questions or to volunteer.

After a successful start to our Spirit Stick Sales last month, we will be selling several new styles on February 23-25th prior to school starting. The cost is $1 for each Spirit Stick and $3 for the Murphy Lion Key Fob. We will be needing 2-4 volunteers each day to help with the sales. Please contact the PTO at the below email with any questions or to volunteer. We are very excited about this new PTO fundraiser!

Murphy PTO has a new Facebook page- Murphy Elementary School PTO. Please like and share our page to receive news of PTO events. You can also reach the board at

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