Pan Da Re & Wine

Presentation of the New Snack From Veneto Region

Healthy eating

Nutrition is fundamental for our everyday well-being. Eating healthy food is essential in order to provide our body with the necessary natural elements and eating “tasty” food is important as well for the well-being of our mind through pleasant emotions.
In the Pan Da Re product lines you can find both nutritional quality and the pleasant feeling of traditionally handmade fragrant, light products which can be crunched at any time of the day, either alone as a snack, or combined with any course of a meal, in the afternoon for a tasty snack or during a short break while doing sport, or in the evening while having an aperitif with your friends, great if combined with an excellent glass of sparkling Prosecco. Having something tasty, and healthy as well, satisfies your taste and your spirit!

Don't miss our event on traditional regional product !

Amici Del Veneto looks forward to seeing you all!

Pan Da Re & Wine

Wednesday, Oct. 24th 2012 at 6:30pm

67 Avenue de Tervueren

Etterbeek, Brussels