January 9 Board Meeting

Dear Caldwell Families,

Monday, our Board of Trustees' meeting ended unexpectedly after some members in attendance repeatedly disrupted the meeting refusing to follow rules for public participation.

What happened?

Many patrons had contacted the District and Trustees about Proposed Policy 3281, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation, which was on the Board’s agenda as an information item -- not as an action item.

It was one of several proposed policies that may come forward to the Board for action in the future.

Anticipating a number of people interested in providing public comment about the policies, the Board Chair and Vice Chair detailed for the audience the rules and protocols for participation, noting if these were not followed the meeting would not continue. Several warnings were given when some individuals addressing the Board and some audience members refused to follow these expectations.

It was disappointing that some attending refused to follow the rules, which prevented others from sharing their thoughts with the Board.

Caldwell School District welcomes and encourages feedback on its work.

What we do not welcome are those who refuse to follow the steps necessary for a civil, courteous, and respectful environment for that feedback to occur.

We will be working with the Board Chair and Trustees to identify the next steps in gathering feedback from the community on this policy.


Dr. N. Shalene French