The Buzz in Room 218!

September 28, 2015 Edition

Classroom Technology Update

The students are learning how to integrate and use technology daily to complete their assignments. They are learning how to collaborate with classmates and myself in a virtual environment. Please be sure to review the Digital Citizenship Agreement that is in their Math binder. It is imperative that we all support and hold the children accountable to using the technology appropriately and for educational purposes only.

Language Arts


  • All reading groups are continuing to enjoy their fantasy genre books. We currently have students reading: The Phantom Tollbooth, Tuck Everlasting, The Search for Delicious, and Silverwing. Students are having the opportunity to read independently, and together in their group. As a reading group, students are leading discussions about the characters, interesting vocabulary words, and elements of the Fantasy genre that they are finding in their reading group novels.
  • Weekly Reading logs are assigned each Monday. Students are required to read a total of 120 minutes per week. Students do not have to read each day, but rather can map out their weekly reading requirements to coordinate with their busy schedules. Students should fill in the number of minutes, title of the book and have an adult initial next to each of the reading days. Weekly reading logs will be a part of their reading grade. Please email me if you have any questions about the weekly reading logs.

Word Study

  • We are continuing to review prefixes and suffixes. Each day students will be introduced to a new prefix or suffix. We will be reviewing the meaning, as well as example words that use the prefix or suffix. Students will then take the information learned to work on a Daily Word Work Google presentation. This will be a small daily task that will continue to develop and build throughout the year. Please encourage your child to show you their suffix Google presentation!
  • Word Study and Root Word Study groups are up and running. Students who are in word study with me will be getting their sort assigned each Monday. The students will then have the next few days to complete their word work online in google classroom, and it will be submitted to me on Friday afternoon. They will also take their quizzes on Friday. For students in Root Word Study with Mrs. Dettmann they will take their quizzes and turn in all assigned work every other Thursday.


  • In writing we are continuing to explore creative writing and building our classroom community. The Writer's Eye writing contest in underway! Each student is required to write a prose piece of writing inspired by one of the pieces of art they viewed during the Writer's Eye art exhibit. We will focus on having the students develop a story inspired by the art, and will be conferencing with them in class. Students also have the option to write an additional poem inspired by one of the pieces of art. If they so chose, students can elect to enter one of their pieces of writing into the yearly Writer's Eye contest. Participation in the contest is not mandatory, but the children will be required to take their prose piece to final copy. For more information please take a look at the link below:


  • All math classes are continuing to investigate numbers in many different ways. Many math classes are also working on the multiplication and division algorithm. If you have any questions, please contact your child's math teacher directly in order to get a more timely response.

Social Studies & Science

  • My class just finished up their first Science rotation on oceans with Mrs. Morris. Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday September 29th, the students will be starting their second Science rotation with Mr. Humphrey. During this unit they will be learning about cells. This rotation will go through Friday, October 16th.
  • Beginning Monday, October 19th the students will be back in homeroom with me for Social Studies. We will be learning about The Revoluationary War. Please let me know if you have any questions about the upcoming Science/Social Studies units.

Birthday Celebrations

Every child loves to feel special that one day of the year. If you so choose, your child may share a treat with his or her classmates on or near his or her birthday. Treats are generally shared between 11:20-11:30 am. We have two students in our classroom with known food allergies to gluten and tree nuts. Their families are prepared to send in alternative treats that fit their dietary needs, so please let me know prior to bringing in classroom treats so that we can plan accordingly.

Donations for Thinker Tinker Space

Second and Fifth grade teachers have been working to develop a Social Studies themed task for all students in our new Thinker Tinker space. This is a room at Brownsville that is dedicated to building, tinkering, creating, and building curiosity.

Here are some items we are looking for:

  • tape
  • liquid glue
  • metal brads
  • paper towel & toilet paper rolls
  • newspaper

If you are able to donate any of these supplies please just send them in with your child as you gather them. Thank you in advance for your support!

Important Dates

  • September 29th-First Day of Cells Science Unit with Mr. Humphrey
  • October 9th-PTO sponsored Golf Tournament
  • October 12th-BEE Program Late Fall Registration
  • October 12th-PTO Meeting
  • October 14th-Picture Day
  • October 15th-Fifth Grade Field Trip-UVA Symphony 10:00
  • October 16th-BES Spirit Day & BEE Bop
  • October 16th-Last Day of Cells Science Unit with Mr. Humphrey