Hispanic Heritage

Luis Castillo

Early Life

Luis Castillo was born in Brooklyn, New York in August 4, 1983. After he was born he moved to the Dominican Republic. When he was five he moved back to the U.S. He moved to Garfield, New Jersey. He played football for Garfield High school, there he was the team captain and MVP. After high school he went to play football at Northwestern University.

Cultural Heritage

Luis is from the Dominican Republic where it is a poor country. It is on a Caribbean island also with Haiti. They speak spanish there and the main sport they play there is baseball.

Contribution To Our Society

Other than being a football player he helped in the community. Every offseason he would go back to the Dominican Republic and hosted a football camp. In San Diego he was a community leader where he held community events with children of San Diego.


Luis was castillo was a good football player and also a community leader that helps in the Dominican Republic and San Diego. He contributes to helping children in the Dominican Republic and in San Diego.
Made By: William Cetz and Sterling Hopkins