Sumatran Tiger

Panthera tigris sumatrae


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Family: Felidea

Genus: Panthera

What Makes The Sumatran Tiger Phyla Unique?

The Sumatran Tiger is a mammal. This is unique because mammals are, warm blood, have lungs, they also have hair/fur. They give live birth.

What Does The Sumatran Tiger Eat

The Sumatran Tiger is a carnivore witch means it only eats meat. On the energy pyramid the Sumatran Tiger is a third level consumer and only gets 0.1% of the energy.
The Sumatran Tiger eats any animal it can get it hands on. Or an animal that is not at the top of the energy pyramid. The animals that I listed are the main things that it eats.

Where Does The Sumatran Tiger Live

The Sumatran Tiger lives in Indonesian swamps and forests. These wet conditions are very good for the Sumatran Tiger they are good swimmers, and can get its prey in water quite effortlessly.

Fun Facts

- Weight 180 lbs to 330 lbs.

-Top speed 60 mph.

- Life span 18- 25 years.

- Smallest subspecies of tigers.

-Newborn Sumatran Tigers are 2 lbs and blind.

- Sumatran Tigers are endangered because of habitat loss and poaching.

- Only 400 to 500 left in the wild.