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First Grade News February 12, 2016

What have we been up to this week?

- In reading, we practiced sequencing the events in a story. At home, encourage students to use transition words such as first, next, then, and last when retelling a story.

- In writing, we identified adverbs that tell when in a sentence, and we reviewed how to use commas in a series.

- In Social Studies, we continued studying U.S. symbols. We read about the bald eagle and the Liberty Bell. Students were amazed to measure the wingspan of an eagle (6-8 feet) and the width of the Liberty Bell (12 feet)!

(Remember that I do not have all of my homeroom kids in math.

Be sure to ask your child what he/she is doing in math class!)

Valentine's Day Letter Writing & Craft

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Spelling City

Is spelling practice in your home getting repetitive or boring? I have started uploading our spelling lists to Spelling City each week. On this website, students may play various spelling games and take practice spelling tests on the website. Students have been using the website in the classroom for the past week and should be able to navigate with ease if you choose to use it at home!

Options for Reading at Home

Below are 2 great options for reading at home. Students use both of these resources at school, however, each tool has a multitude of texts available to students!


Through the Hoosier Family of Readers initiative, students and their families across Indiana will have unlimited access to reading material on myOn. Follow the directions below to access myON.

1. Go to

2. Enter the school name: Hoosier Family of Readers

3. Enter the username read and password read.

4. Click the green Sign In button.


This is a service provided to children by the Bartholomew County Public Library. Click here to use Tumblebooks. Scroll to the bottom of the page to use the link for Tumblebooks.

Homework Notes

Last week, notes were sent home with students regarding missing homework. Please sign those notes and return them to school ASAP.

eLearning Day

Starting on the 6th snow day or any day after Spring Break, BCSC will have an eLearning Day. Students will NOT report to school on an eLearning Day, but will complete assignments online through itsLearning. To learn more, click here.

Mark Your Calendar

February 19: PTO Pizza Bingo

March 14-18: Spring Break

March 24: IN SCHOOL - Snow Make-Up Day #2

March 25: IN SCHOOL - Snow Make-Up Day #1

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